Neuanfang Berlin – A New Beginning

Berlin has always been a place for new beginnings. Many people come here to start a new life. Berlin becomes their personal clean slate.

“Neuanfang” is a photo project that wants to show the everyday life of four “Wahlberliner” (Berliners by choice). With my camera I follow them to their favorite places, in particular the places where they can “breathe” their new beginning in the German capital. It’s all about “change” – change as a new way of life that is completely different from the lives in their respective hometowns.

Trying to catch their thoughts is an inspiring process for me because this topic touches me deeply. I am a Wahlberliner, too. I share their feelings and even if I think that we are all very different, this magical feeling of a new beginning simply connects us.

Pedro: “I really love to be here. Maybachufer is just a piece of my new beginning.”

Vero: “When I came to Berlin for the first time my hotel was here, at Hackescher Markt. I don’t know why, but I felt immediately happy.”

Giorgio: “ The Kudamm makes me think of my fist time here. There is nothing special to do here, but I was astonished to see this big street full of people from all over the world.”

Sophie:  “I’m always busy, but when I have some free time I come here. Tiergarten is my favorite place. It makes me feel so relaxed and I always remember my first summer in this city. I can breathe my new beginning in every leaf.”




Andrea Padoan is a Berlin-based Instagramer and communication design student from Berlin. He loves to take photos of the everyday life and he thinks beauty is everywhere.

Follow his work on his VSCO Journal.




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