The Anti-Berlin Blogs

photo: Wojtek Mejor

Blogs like ours, as well as those of many of our dear colleagues such as Berlin Loves You, Finding Berlin, Stil in Berlin, Mit Vergnügen, überlin, Pieces of Berlin and the Berlin newsletter Sugarhigh are all about praising Berlin in all of its glory. We think Berlin is a great city worth all the praise and we won’t listen to the haters. But they are out there, those who despise our city and like to criticize every little bit of it and the people inside it. They like to blame us Berlin bloggers for accelerating the gentrification, for bringing in “the wrong people”, for inevitable changes in the city and for the general downfall of the Western civilization. We wondered, how would their blog bookmarks look like. If all the Berlin loving blogs were doing quite the opposite, how would that look like? Check out our imaginary list of despicable Berlin blogs after the jump…

And to avoid any misunderstanding: By no means are our little logo collages bashing our fellow Berlin bloggers, this is only an exercise to try to get into the minds of the Berlin haters (and to have a chuckle)…

photo: Joshua Ganderson

photo: michael dornbierer

photo: derteo

photo: Photocapy

photo: CBS Fan

photo: Alan Levine

photo: Jess Wood

Attention: This is satire… in case you didn’t notice the obvious signs.

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