Contemporary Russian Art in Berlin

artwork: Katerina Belkina

This city has many communities of different nations from all over the world that all live together here mixing their cultures into the big juicy cocktail that is Berlin. One of these many communities are Russian artists living in Berlin. I think they are fairly quiet compared to other nationalities, but with the upcoming Russian Contemporary Art Week making some noise in the city.

The RCAW is taking place in 3 galleries which are The Ballery in Schönenberg that is showcasing the work of 3 highlighted artist, the LemoArt Gallery in Prenzlauer Berg that is showing a bigger selection of younger Russian talents and finally a project by UdK students presented at Panke. The whole thing gets kicked off this Friday (May 15, 2015) with the opening reception of the main exhibition at The Ballery that shows the amazing work of Katerina Belkina, Igor Skaletsky, and Vera Veritas Kochubey. On May 29th the second part of the RCAW starts at The Ballery with additional artists in their line-up. We have a little preview of that after the jump.

Katerina Belkina

Katerina Belkina raises the „Selfie“ phenomenon onto a new level by representing women as restless natures amidst a postmodern world. She captures the paradox between the emancipated, energetic woman and her environment – the paralyzing and desolate atmosphere of the cold and grey Russian city.

Igor Skaletsky

Igor Skaletsky’s surreal collages can be regarded as an ironic amalgamation of historic Renaissance paintings with pop-art advertising material.

Vera Veritas Kochubey

The luminous and explosive paintings of the artist Vera Veritas Kochubey, however, are based on a profound exploration of philosophical questions – devoted to the artist’s identity – from which she draws the quintessence of her artistic oeuvre; a personal vision of positive existentialism and sublime individualism. She is creating a brand new series of paintings specifically for this exhibition which is still in development. The following are photo stills from her current performance.

Don’t miss the opening of the Russian Contemporary Art Week on Friday, May 15th 2015 at The Ballery starting at 18h and the opening of the second part of May 29th 2015. For more details about the program please have a look at the RCAW fanpage.

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