The Stattbad Chronicles

Robert Montgomery, All Palaces, photo: Kai von Rabenau,
courtesy Neue Berliner Räume

You’ve probably heard the news by now: The glorious Stattbad Wedding has recently closed (UPDATE Sept 2016: and now news broke it’s being demolished). This weekend the party makers of the club nights Stattnacht are throwing the last two parties in their temporary exile at one of the previously unused halls of Neue Heimat and after that an era has ended. I feel quite sad about this sudden development because the Stattbad was one of those locations that I have recommended through its entire run here on iHeartBerlin, for parties, exhibitions and other crazy stuff happening there. The old public swimming pool found a new purpose in the hands of the makers of Stattbad and the place including all its institutions such as the Open Walls gallery, the Stattbar and the Statt.lab was a wonderful experimental playground for a whole generation of creative Berliners and therefor an important part of the youth culture of Berlin for the past 6 years. It’s a shame that the place has closed so unexpectedly and there is not even a chance to have a final good-bye party there. So as an alternative we went back into our archive and compiled a huge best of from all the coverage and photos we have dedicated to Stattbad over the past 6 years and then some. Enjoy the Stattbad Chronicles after the jump and don’t feel ashamed to shed a tear for this amazing place on the final Stattnacht party on Saturday night and the open air on Sunday. We will miss you, Stattbad Wedding.


No More Sugar For The Monkey

The former public swimming pool Stadtbad Wedding had been closed and abandoned for a while. With the guerilla urban art exhibition No More Sugar For The Monkey by the makers of the Urban Affairs festival it was finally revitalized in May 2009.

The full photo set can be found here.

Urban Affairs & Fashion Week Party

With this party back in July of 2009 the Stattbad pretty much set its tone for the rest of the year. Hosting a Fashion Week party pretty much brings in the hip, young and creative crowd of town and for a while this was the place to be for them.

Enjoy the complete set of this party here.

Urban Affairs Festival

With the closing of the former venue, an old brewery at Landsberger Allee in Friedrichshain, the Urban Affairs festival for urban art had found a brilliant new home at the Stattbad for the next 6 years.

Enjoy more art in the full set here.

Urban Affairs Closing Party

Of course an exhibition won’t end without a party.

The whole set can be found here.

Disco Mystix

The hip Disco Mystix party happened two times over the course of the summer and once they took the advantages of a tiled venue and threw a foam party.

More foam party photos can be found here.

More photos from the Romantic Disco Mystix party can he found here.


The concept exhibition and interactive art performance DreamYourTopia was pretty spectacular. A whole fantasy land was built into the pool of the Stadtbad and then destroyed in a big performance.

More photos from the event here.

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