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In the summer of 2009, brothers Joel and Joshua Alas decided to invest some money in a digital projector with plans to start their own open-air film night. What resulted from the little open-air screening in the Lessinghöhe Park in Neukölln was what we now know as Mobile Kino. The digital age has hit cinemas, and as 35mm projections began to fade away, we lost some of the magic of the movies. So, the Mobile Kino crew (comprised of a team of Berlin projectionists, cinema managers and programmers) decided to step in and create an HD digital cinema-on-wheels in the form of a beautiful Christiania transport bike. Over the years, the project has evolved working with a variety of partners, filmmakers and guest programmers; working with filmmakers directly or German distributors to ensure their proceeds go to the right people. Also iHeartBerlin has teamed up with the guys from Mobile Kino for basically all of their film events including the Berlin Film Nights and the Cinéma de Mode. Click on to find out more about this project that has become a household name among movie-lovers, and see which screenings you can catch this month.

Combine a MacBook, audio mixer, HD Mediaplayer, HD digital projector, a deep cycle marine battery, a 1500W power inverter, a subwoofer and an amplifier, and what you’ll get is the Mobile Kino digital mobile cinema. You’ll see it in different venues across Berlin, from Hallesches Haus and the Betahaus co-working space, to Babylon, Urban Spree, Raum, Konzulat and even the TV Tower. And their film program is just as diverse: cult classics, new releases, independent features, documentaries, short films and even porn. Films are screened in the original language with English or German subtitles (no need to fear showing up to a dubbed film,) and often followed by director Q&A’s, Skype interviews or DJ sets while guests are encouraged to join the team for drinks and discussion.

Wondering what to watch this month? Scroll down to find out what’s on the bill.

Mobile Kino Program December 2016

Watch out for the parent special from December 21st to 22nd: Get one of your parents in for free (one free ticket for a parent per purchased ticket)!

December 21, 20h

Eat That Question | Frank Zappa In His Own Words (Your parents might know more about this guy than you do)

* * *

December 21, 21:45h

MK Top 5 | The Holy Mountain (Some parents probably got high while watching this back in the 70’s)

* * *

December 22, 20h

MK Top 5 | Raving Iran (Extremely parent friendly)

* * *

December 28, 20h

MK Top 5 | Heaven Knows What

* * *

Venue: Griessmühle, Sonnenallee 221, Berlin-Neukölln. Book your tickets here.

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