Why I joined the Blogfabrik Project

photos: Christoph Neumann

Yesterday it finally happened: After months of secrecy and hard work from so many people involved we finally pressed the publish button on a new exciting project: The Blogfabrik. We’ve teased on this new place a few times but now we can finally share it with the world.

Together with a group of over 30 other digital content creators iHeartBerlin.de moved into this amazing new space that is funded by media distributor Trunk and located in the heart of Kreuzberg at Kottbusser Tor. On the one side Blogfabrik is mix of a co-working space and a multi-functional area that serves as a photo studio and an event space for workshops, exhibitions, screenings, dinners and anything else we might be cooking up there. On the other side Blogfabrik is meant as an expertise hub for content creators such as bloggers, photographers, filmmakers, etc. where we can get together, share ideas and knowledge and make projects together.

One of these projects is the new online magazine Daily Bread that we all have been working on for the past months. In this magazine we will all share our experience and insights of our lives as content creators. It will reflect the topics of all our individual blogs, magazines, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but it will also grant a look behind the scenes and give us the opportunity to talk about things such as business, innovation, and observation – all stuff that we would normally not talk about on our own sites. More about the project and some impressions after the jump.

The question why we joined this project is probably one that you wouldn’t even ask yourself because the answer seems obvious: Wow, this is an awesome space! And it really is. But it’s not just that. Yeah, it’s cool to have such an amazing office and be part of this shiny new thing. But to be honest, it’s not why I am joining. Having an office is nice, but it also doesn’t bother me to work from home or from where ever I am traveling or hanging out in that moment. My reason was way more personal.

Working on my own means that I don’t really have people around me who do the same thing and understand what I am doing. There is no-one I can share experience with, bitch about difficult clients or get advise from. For the most part we all work for ourselves and we don’t even get to meet each other much or any of these other creative people out there who are working in the same scene. It’s a shame really.

With the offer to join the Blogfabrik came the prospect to connect with so many like-minded people that I normally only get to meet drunk in some events or on a press trip. The sheer possibilities of shared experiences with them, synergies and even friendships was and is my main motivation. And so far this has been a bliss for me. Getting to know the absolutely charming girls from im Gegenteil, finally seeing Christine from Lilies Diary again who is always traveling when I am in Berlin and vice versa, and teasing Sara from Finding Berlin who has her desk next to mine – all these things have been such a pleasure and I look forward to make similar experiences with all the other people in the office. But probably the nicest thing of it all is seeing my iHeartBerlin partner Claudio now on an almost daily basis and give him a hug whenever I feel like it.

As I mentioned before the Blogfabrik is not just an office for 30 bloggers and photographers. It is a place for knowledge, ideas and projects of all kinds that relate to the world of content creation. So if you have an idea for an event, workshop or anything else than drop us a line to hey@iheartberlin.de.

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