The Haunting Asylum of Beelitz

Anyone who has seen the second season of the iconic TV show America Horror Story knows: Old asylums are creepy as fuck. Berlin has one of those pretty close by, I’m sure some of you have heard about the Refugium Beelitz that is located a bit South of Potsdam and can easily be reached by train. The asylum was built in the late 19th century for patients with lunge diseases. In the years of the two world wars it was used as a lazaret and sanatorium before it became a regular clinic for the remaining half of the century. Around 2000 it was abandoned and its condition deteriorated over the years. The special charm of the architecture mixed with the decay made it a magnet for film makers who shot Hollywood films here, but also for perverted minds, such as one particular guy back in 2008 who lured girls there for photo shootings that ended really ugly for them.

Nowadays there is also a treetop path that let’s visitors see the area from above. Some of the buildings will be modernized and turned into a commune for creative people who want to flee the hassle of the city.

Here’s a stunning drone video shot by an Urban Explorer from Sweden.

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