SADAK and the Pink Burka

photos: Hiroyuki Koshikawa

Another Berlin Fashion Week is over and we are overwhelmed with impressions (and our hard drives with photos) from all the different shows and events. In the next couple of days we’ll be releasing some of the highlights of last week, starting with one of the coolest menswear shows from the official runway. We’ve followed and adored the work of Berlin-based label SADAK now for a few years, not only his fashion, but also his costumes that he did for theater pieces and exhibitions. For many years SADAK has been mostly focussing on the Asian market with his progressive and daring menswear, but since last season he has been showing in Berlin, too.

His new collection that he presented on the official runway last week brought up an interesting concept that I am sure will cause some heated discussion. Some of his outfits were inspired by Burkas and one print was depicting to characters wearing all kind of Burkas. The Burka is quite a controversial symbol from the Muslim religion and culture and I think it’s not an overstatement to say that “playing” with this symbol is in a way daring. It will certainly provoke your thoughts. Yet, it is interesting that he did what Claudio asked for last season in this article. To bring some diversity and some cultural dialogue on the runway of a usually quite commercial fashion week.

But apart from this the rest of his collection didn’t need any strong symbols as they show an immense growth of the designer in his style, it’s probably the most sophisticated collection I have seen from him. Enjoy some backstage impressions by our guest contributor Hiroyuki Koshikawa after the jump.

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