Best of Berlin Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2016

Bobby Kolade SS16, photo: Huss/Truong

Today we would like to offer you our juiciest piece of our seasonal Berlin Fashion Week cake: Our favorite collections. We’ve had a great time checking out all the shows and presentations and it was truely a wild and inspiring season. Never before have we seen so much colors and unconventional designs on the runway of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. A big toast to all the designers who have dared to be more progressive and less conformative this summer. Enjoy our highlights after the jump.

Bobby Kolade

Wow, this boy has really surprised me. I didn’t quite get the aesthetic of this emerging talent from Berlin but since last season it shaped into something really exciting for me and his show at the Sophiensaele theater last week was a true celebration of creativity. Looking forward to more!

photos: Huss/Truong

Franziska Michael

Avant-garde designer Franziska Michael has always been one of my favorites from all the young talents in town and her new collection that she presented at the new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Stage at the me Collectors Room was no exception. She continues her work mixing trendy elements such as sportswear and transparency with crazy patterns, bold colors and textures. Well done as usual!

photos: Pilar Schacher

Marina Hoermanseder

Within such a short amount of time the ESMOD Berlin graduate has become a big name of Berlin Fashion Week. She deserves all the praise, her collections are outstanding. With this new collection that she presented as part of the Berliner Modesalon she continues her course into a more wearable aesthetic while still maintaining her spectacular sculptural leather pieces. Wonderful work.

photos: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Fyodor Golan

With Fyodor Golan we had a lovely guest from Britian on our Berlin runway. They showed a very colorful collection full of amazing details and playful patterns and prints. Everything was so perfectly combined that it was a feast for the eyes. I especially loved what they did with the runway light in the final run: A rainbow!

photos: Getty Images


The UdK 4th semester and graduate students once again delivered an amazing show that can proudly stand between all the established designers. There were of course a lot of different designers here with very different style, but we picked a few of our favorites from the show at the Erika-Hess-Eisstadion.

photos: Corinna Lecca


The new collection of Berlin-based label Vektor was probably the most trendy and contemporary one of our selection. We like what they do and how they work with current trends such as mesh, sportswear and boxy shapes. I liked how structured the show was, devided by color starting with white, going through a few dark blue sheer pieces and than over to denim. The denim pieces were my favorites as they felt like an amazing update of denim fashion, all these jeans brands should learn something from them! Once again the label integrated the awesome jewellery of Woman.made into the show which complimented the garments nicely.

photos: Getty Images

Julian Zigerli

We already gave some praise to the new collection of Julian Zigerli in our backstage report. But we do need to list him here again as haven’t shown much of the actual runway show on the grass. The collection was unusually toned down, with only a few colorful pieces and wild prints. For the most part he focussed on painted-on shadows and structures which felt really fresh and a nice continuation of his previous paint-related work. And his new sunglasses made by Lunettes Kollektion was also a major hit for us.


The Berlin-based menswear label SADAK delivered their most refined collection to date. Apart from the obvious eye-catchers such as the burkas and burka prints he had some really nicely tailored pieces that feel a bit like a departure from his otherwise very baggy and boxy shapes. But I think they worked very well and brought the collection to a higher level of sophistication. Also check out our backstage report here.

photo: Guillem Vinas Chipi


Sopopular has released a couple of really solid and very crowd-pleasing collections in the past two seasons, but they haven’t been very daring lately. The new collection feels very different from the previous ones, it’s more grungy, edgy and wild, and way less elegant and smooth as we are used to. We like this bad body attitude and hope to see more of this soon.

photos: Joohn Photography


The collection of Ivanman could be described as the complete opposite of the Sopopular one. It’s very uplifting, playful and positive. It’s really an almost impossible act to be excentric and still manly when designing menswear. I think Ivanman has a good recipy for original pieces that still embrace the aesthetic of traditional menswear. Well done!

photos: Nico Ernst

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