An Island Escape – 6 Days in Saint Lucia

I truly love Berlin! But sometimes you have to let go of what you love and venture off to somewhere far far away. When I do leave I tend to go to other big cities. This time though fate took me to what can only be described as the opposite of a city: Saint Lucia.

The tiny island in the Caribbean is by far the most remote spot I have ever visited on this planet and a great mind-clearing trip. Not only did I manage to cleanse my mind of all responsibilities at home, but I got my perspectives in order and returned with a new found passion for this gorgeous Berlin.

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Before planning my trip to Saint Lucia I didn’t know much about the island except that it was in the Caribbean. In the following weeks I started hearing more and more about it: The Bachelorette was shot there, it’s a dream destination for honeymooners, and it’s part of the Commonwealth. But nobody I knew had ever been and thus arriving at tiny Hewanorra Airport I still had no real game plan.

One cannot explore even half of what Saint Lucia has to offer in the six days we spent there, but we were pretty active and really saw a ton!

Located just South of Martinique this gem of an island offers more than just tropical beaches and cocktails. Two big mountains, forged by a volcanic eruption millions of years ago, the iconic Pitons are covered in thick forest and offer a Caribbean experience of their own. For travelers who don’t want to lie simply dream the days away on sandy beaches, Saint Lucia is just the right holiday destination. The mountainous island does offer white and black sand beaches with views onto this amazingly blue sea, but on top the island is covered with rainforest one can explore by foot, bike, zipline and probably other fancy ways. We took a hike and shot through the air like birds on a zipline. Both are mind clearing and wonderful and simply not comparable to a walk across Tempelhofer Feld (which clearly has other advantages). Flora and fauna are amazing here, from hummingbirds to bats and avocado trees to cocoa plantations – this island has it all.

After exploring the North of the island and sleeping a few nights in the most amazing bed I have ever seen – I will only say this: I fell asleep to the sound of the ocean and woke up to the rising sun – we ventured South. The contrast from our northern villa in the Sandals Resort to our new home at Balenbouche Estate in the South could not have been more extreme. From a clean resort we went to a homey cottage our host Uta, who is a former architect from Germany, had hand built. From 10 restaurants to choose from, we went to Uta’s nightly dinner. Of course both has it’s advantages, but when it comes to food I must say Uta’s dinners with fresh produce she got from the neighboring farm was simply some of the tastiest food I have ever had!

As it is with holidays the last nights are often the best ones. Our last night goodie came completely unexpectedand in the shape of a taxi driver. After a wonderful day of snorkeling and chillaxing at the beach of gorgeous Anse Chastanet, we were picked up by Clavie who drives his taxi with passion. He knew almost everyone we drove past on the streets, stopped to drop off his nieces homework and told us everything we wanted to know about life on Saint Lucia. It’s difficult to find love on the island he told us, some marry visitors and leave, but if you want to stay, there’s just few likeminded people. Making a living he said is tough. Most imported goods are very expensive and the locals live off what grows in their own garden and what they can exchange with their neighbours. This of course leaves a slightly odd taste when thinking about the luxury tourism Saint Lucia also offers, especially since the money from those hotels are mainly flooding the pockets of the foreign owners. But there was no bitterness in his voice at all. “We live a good life” Clavie ensured “and I’m happy so many people like our beautiful island.”

Amen to that Clavie: We really do like your gorgeous home!

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We wish to thank Petra Schildbach and the Saint Lucia Tourist Board for their invaluable support.

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