YO! SISSY – The Queer Music Festival of Berlin

photos: Lisa Wassmann

What happens, when a pair of big nightlife makers of Berlin get together and create something new: Exactly, something bigger! And so goes the story of Sampson who has been running his crazy karaokee night Cherry-o-kie now for years and PANSY who has taken Berlin’s party scene by storm with her gay R’n’B party Sissy and her PANSY presents… drag extravaganzas. Those two crazy kids have teamed up to create YO! SISSY – Berlin’s first queer music festival which started back in July 2015. With a massive line-up of over 50 acts the festival took over the venues Schwuz, Neue Heimat and SO36 bringing together the diversity and creativity from all over the world onto the stages of Berlin. We are super excited about this new festival because it’s the first of its kind here in Berlin and it’s fresh and edgy and full of potential. We can’t wait for the much hyped third edition with Planningtorock, Chicks on Speed, Vitalic, Lotic and many other great acts happening from July 28 til 29, 2017. Watch out for the Yo Sissy market happening on Saturday during the day which is also gonne be with free entrance for everyone. Get your tickets and info here!

photo: Lisa Wassmann

Below you’ll get a look back at the first year’s concerts that included among many others local heroes of the queer Berlin music scene such as Aerea Negrot, Black Cracker, Evvol, aminus, and the party makers Pet Shop Bears, Mr. Ties (Homopatik), Mauro Feola (Beitola), and Joey Hansom (Boo Hoo), but also international names such as Hi-Fashion, Crystal Waters (yes, the one who gave us 100% Pure Love back in the 90s), Hidden Cameras, Annie and Peaches.


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