Get Ready for Berlinferno by Nicola Napoli

We’ve followed Italian illustrator and artist Nicola Napoli now already for quite a while, starting with his famous piece of the line in front of Berghain, over to the amazing garden of lust that was commissioned for the flyer of the monthly Berghain program, to his witty and fascinating portrayal of the iconic Kotti and of course his most recent interpretations of famous fashion designers.

Now for the first time we’ve collaborated with him for a brand new artwork and it’s going to be a quite ambitions one. He will present his new piece BERLINFERNO at the Absolut Art Bar that will take place on Saturday, August 1st 2015 at the brand new Blogfabrik (the crazy new blogger space that we share with many other content creators). Sign up now for the guestlist here and find out more after the jump!

Nicola Napoli’s artwork BERLINFERNO for the Absolut Art Bar is an ironic response to the media claim that “Berlin is over”. It symbolizes the concerns and fears of Berliners about the changes the city is going through. The illustration shows a group of modern monsters, eclectic hybrids of mythological beasts, science fiction characters and ancient gods, that have been attracted by the creative potential and the pulsating nightlife of the city.

Nicola’s piece is a tongue-in-cheek vision of the future of Berlin as a modern-day Inferno full of wicked characters that come together in a haunting party night.

Heather Sparx

For the Absolut Art Bar the Berlin-based DJs Rydim and Riccardo Esposito are teaming up to start the night. With gigs at Boiler Room and Panorama Bar on their track record you can expect the finest quality of House music.

Born and raised in New York City the charming Heather Sparx is now bringing her catchy synth pop to Berlin. Catch her live concert at the Absolut Art Bar and get ready to be showered in glitter.

Last but not least the DJ duo Dada Disco famous residents of the Bar 25 bring together the chaos and extravagance of the parties of Berlin. They play with genres and influences to deliver their own unique blend of sexy electronics, always favoring spontaneity over etiquette. Dada est tout. Tout est Dada.

Dada Disco, photo: Altaeva Alyosha

Absolut Art Bar.

by Nicola Napoli presented by

Saturday, August 1st, 2015, 21h

Blogfabrik, Oranienstr. 185, 2nd yard

10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Register for the guestlist here.

photo: Christoph Neumann

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