Adornism – World Revolution through Over-Decoration

Frau Feeger, photo: Ale Inwonderland

Step into The Ballery in Schöneberg for a multi-sensual exhibition that is all but fitting within the norm. A group of artists has come together in an exciting exhibition of ‘Adornism’ shaking up today’s numb world of mass-production and consumerism through excessive decoration in art and self outside the stagnant white art cube.

In history humans have been decorating their bodies around the world for tens of thousands of years and the selected group of artists is bringing this forward into the 21st century with an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs, wearable art and sculpture for a multi-sensual experience. These works don’t aim to please nor fit within the norm and the creation rather is for its own sake. The artists breath fresh air into dead and uniform objects and with that starting a revolution in itself as their expression of the complex and ambiguous experience of modern existence. Forget modern minimalism, this exhibition is all about opulence and bringing life to images and objects by the detail oriented and skilled adorning of self and art. See details and artists after the jump.

The artists invite us to view adornisim as an extension of us, and with this exhibition they want to reprogram humanity, starting with us, and make us realize that all the rules have been thrown out the window. Forget what you have been taught, reinvent your reality through your creativity. Adornisim isn’t just an art movement, it’s a species movement.

To be inspired for yourself, see the Adornism exhibition at The Ballery from August 7-15, 2015. The opening is this Friday, August 7 showing the art of Anto ChristRubbish FairyDaria Marchik Holly-Anne BuckNathan FrenchCasio OnoHellza HausAtlas MappsFrau Feeger an Jose Vigers.

photo: Anto Christ

photo: Holly-Anne Buck

photo: Nathan French

photo: Rubbish Fairy

photo: Jose Vigers

photo: Nathan French

photo: Hellza Haus

photo: Daria Marchik

photo: Casio Ono

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