An Aperitivo a Berlino on the Roof

photos: Julia Luka Lila Nitzschke

Summer is in full bloom, and finally you can enjoy the weekends in the warm sun. What could be better than to get yourself an aperitif after a stressful week and experience the Italian feeling?

Traditionally in Italy, wonderful late afternoons are spent with friends in a bar, drinking a cold Negroni and eating delicious snacks. For such offerings we already introduced you to the Bar Milano in Berlin Mitte and now we want to expand on our recommendations and share a way for a sparkling start to Saturdays.

The event series Aperitivo a Berlino ties in with the beloved Italian tradition. It all started with two boys from Berlin who invited some friends and acquaintances to Sale e Tabacchi and had a great evening of drinking various aperitifs and eating small Italian appetizers. Now as the Italian afternoon is becoming increasingly popular, the Aperitivo has been moving around to several places such as Bar Milano (on vacation till September) and currently takes place on a wonderful rooftop on Linienstrasse in Berlin Mitte. See more details and have a look at the pictures from last time after the jump.

To arrive you go up with the elevator with the doors opening directly onto the terrace – and you can start your delightful day.

There you will be served with delicious aperitifs such as a Gimlet, Negroni or Aperol Spritz, and whoever needs to cool off can jump directly into the rooftop pool. If you don’t have your swimsuit with you, don’t panic. Just buy one from the small booth of Fête de La Boutique (a new store which soon opens its doors on Mulackstr. 11). Meanwhile, you can have some appetizers that vary between fruits and Italian snacks.

The trend towards aperitivos in combination with not – yet – exhausted places in Berlin makes the event worth experiencing. It wil happen every two weeks in summer (next one is on the 15th of August) and there are already more unique places in the pipeline.

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