California Pops: Organic Popsicles in Kreuzberg & P’berg

California Pops couldn’t have opened at any better time riding the craze-wave of ice popsicles right at the top as this trend is coming to Berlin. And just to set record right: we won’t complain! A delicious and beautiful way to cool us down on these hot summer days.

With this storefront in Kreuzberg, no need to wait around for a street food event anymore. And Prenzlauer Berger also get their fix at the brand new second store at Eberswalder Straße.

You can taste how much work the team at California Pops is putting in to creating great flavors like water melon, cashew and chocolate, organic raspberry and berry cheesecake. With more than 15 different flavors to choose from, ranging from sorbets to dairy and also nut milk based popsicles, there’s nothing holding you back from coming back to lovingly decorated storefront every day of the week for a little organic and delicious pick me up.

Can’t wait to try your own? Find them here:

California Pops, Falckensteinstraße 4, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Open daily 12-23h

California Pops, Eberswalder Str. 31, 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Open daily 12-23h

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