Forgotten in Nowhere

photos: Dietmar Eckell

I know you guys have loved our features about the abandoned places in and around Berlin including the Beelitz Asylum, the airport Finowfurt, the Teufelsberg spie station and the Blub swimming pool. Now we want to show you something even more haunting and exciting. The German photographer Dietmar Eckell is specialized in lost and forgotten objects and buildings that he finds all over the world in the most secluded and isolated places. He has a fantastic series called happy end that is about crashed planes where all the passengers survived but the plane still remains in the place it landed. These photos are also available as a book. RIP is another series that documents relics of the war, deserted military compounds and vehicles. He also photographed old olympic sites, discontinued train tracks and abandoned churches, all of which have been overgrown by nature. Eckell’s photos are so adventurous and mysterious that they will make your phantasies go wild thinking about the stories that are attached to these abandoned places and man-made objects.

In late summer of 2015 there was also an impressive exhibition with huge prints of his works. If you missed that we do have some of his photos after the jump.

Yukon Canada, emergency landing, all 10 passengers survived despite -40 °C

Canada, emergency landing in 1956, everyone survived

Australia,  train line to Alice Springs abandoned in the 80s

Manitoba Canada, Curtiss C-46 Commando crashed in September 1977

Hawai, Vought F4U Corsair crashed in 1948

Papua New Guinea, B-24 Liberator crashed in October 1943

Java – Chicken church built by the Evangelists, never finished due to missing budget

Mexico – Drug traffic plane that was shot down by the army, all survived

Palau – Water aircraft that was hidden by the Japanese 70 years ago

Romania – Village overrun by the slag of a mine

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