photos: Guney Cuceloglu

Even though the summer is a little bit over now and the temperatures have dropped significantly us Berliners we are still tough and will keep on using the bike in Autumn until the deep Winter comes. About a year ago we published the portrait series Boys On Bikes by photographer Guney Cuceloglu here on iHeartBerlin and it was quite the hit! So we thought we ask him this year if he also has some girls on bikes and guess what: He does! In continuation of his ongoing series #BikeBerlin he has taken lots of portraits by lovely ladies and their charismatic bikes. May this inspire everyone who still uses the subway to finally also get a bike in Berlin! You can only become a real Berliner if you have a bike and go everywhere with it 😉 Enjoy the series after the jump. And if you wonder how you can best use your bike you should check out our bike route guide.

Tatjana – Journalist

Svenja – Psychiatrist

Miri and Mara


Drifa Hansen – Actress

Britta Wagemann – Designer

Britta Wagemann – Designer

Keren – Photographer

Andrea Clausen – Manager

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on September 15th, 2015
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