Exploring Berlin: Zehlendorf, Dahlem and Wannsee

photo: I. Haas, Botanischer Garten

We know you’re city kids and you love Berlin for its cool districts, the freaky people, and the party next door. But how about a bit of recreation, silence and a nice trip with the family? For tourists it’s not necessarily the first meeting point, but Zehlendorf and neighboring Dahlem and Wannsee offer a lot of beautiful places that you should visit in your spare time. We created a small guide for your next trip to these charming districts – read more about it after the jump.

Peacock Island

Join a quick ride with a small ferry which brings you from one bank to another, and then you`re there: on a small island in Berlin. You can walk around, enjoying the beautiful nature with it`s riche nature, have a look at the old buildings like the small castle and stroll through the fields – just as Queen Luise used to do it. If you are wondering about the strange screams on the island – these are the beautiful peacocks that roam around the island and can cross your path. But it could be a water buffalo as well – calling for you.

By bus 218, stop “Pfaueninsel”, Berlin-Wannsee

photos: Marcus Mehnert

Haus am Waldsee

This beautiful exhibition venue offers plenty of art by international artists. The small house is located in a charming park, which serves as a sculpture garden and is a very well suited for an experience of art outside at the fresh air. There are also yoga classes you can join in the Haus am Waldsee – so you can practice relaxation between art.

Argentinische Allee 30, 14163 Berlin-Zehlendorf

“Beast Alerted I”, 1990

Liebermann Villa

The old summer residence of the artist Max Liebermann has been lovingly converted into a place of art. Here you begin with the overlook of various exhibitions at the villa and end your visit with a walk in the beautiful garden.

Colomierstr. 3, 14109 Berlin-Wannsee

photos: Max-Liebermann-Gesellschaft

Domäne Dahlem

A huge country estate with a small museum, which offers cute events at every season – to remember the rural side of life. Ever harvested potatoes yourselves? … Well then that’s the right time.

Königin-Luise-Straße 49, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem

photos: Domäne Dahlem

Krumme Lanke

A nice track for jogging, but also great for a relaxing walk – the route around the lake gives us the fresh air, which the streets of Berlin sometimes do not offer.

Fischerhüttenstraße/ Elvirasteig, 14163 Berlin-Zehlendorf

photo: Stadtentwicklung Berlin

Botanischer Garten

Worth a visit in every season – a place for enjoying and exploring, because there are plants from all around the world – varied and breathtaking. When it`s cold outside you can warm up in the greenhouses and take a look at especially exotic plants. There are also special events such as a Halloween party or bird exhibitions.

Königin-Luise-Platz, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem

photos: I. Haas, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin-Dahlem

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