100 Years of Clärchens Ballhaus

Spiegelsaal, Clärchens Ballhaus

We love Clärchens Ballhaus! It’s one of the only remaining old houses on Auguststraße in Mitte and it radiates history like very few other buildings.

Here you can enjoy easy-going and yummy traditional German food and pizza along with a beer in the garden in a charming atmosphere between the old walls and you can feel the many years that this place has already existed. In the nights you can dine or listen to concerts in the famous “Spiegelsaal” ball room, a beautiful old hall of over 100 years – decorated, as the name suggests, with many mirrors. But the heart of Clärchens is its main ball room – day by day there are dancing events and you can also be active in courses like standard, salsa or tango.

Established in 1913 by the family Bühler the house is one of the last ball houses of Berlin. We wanted to learn more about it and found a wonderful book: Berlin tanzt in Clärchens Ballhaus: 100 Jahre Vergnügen – eine Kulturgeschichte. Learn more about it after the jump.

photos: Berlin tanzt in Clärchens Ballhaus: 100 Jahre Vergnügen – eine Kulturgeschichte von Marion Kiesow

The book, published by Nicolai Verlag, has been lovingly written and designed by Marion Kiesow. You can read about the whole story of the ball house – from its beginnings to the present days – along with wonderful old photographs. You can feel the authors passion and interest – and even after the book is finished, Marion Kiesow is not – she offers exciting guided tours where you can experience the story on the spot. There is the tour of the Ballhaus followed by a get together with coffee and cake, and recently also in combination with a foray into the Auguststraße, which also has many stories to tell. The tours take place on Sundays, subject to availability of the Spiegelsaal.

Below some more recent photos from the Spiegelsaal of Clärchens Ballhaus.

photos: Clärchens Ballhaus

Here is a delightful video documentary by Gregor Rezzori that was shot after the re-unification.

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