Berlin is… a Heartbreaker

photo: Saskia Bauermeister

At first it lures you in with the promise of freedom, fulfillment, love and pleasure. But you will soon find out the reality is quite a different one. It will make sure to feed you with little crumbs of each of its promises, but you will remain hungry and starving.

It speaks so many languages, but you will still find it hard to fully understand it. It will give you the cold shoulder, when all you need is a warm hug. It will keep you in a state of uncertainty, give you just enough to keep you hoping for more, but never enough to make you feel save.  It will dance the night away to techno and drugs while all you want is a cosy night at home. It will give you cheap pizza on the street corner when you want a candle lit dinner. It will be your friend, when all you want is a lover. It will keep it casual, when you want to commit. And all the while it’s dating so many others at the same time. And you fear one day you will not be enough.

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