photos: Christian Reister

We’ve all seen them: The colorful lights, the crazy excess, the happy and wasted faces, the empty Club Mates and Jägis, the shabby “ironic” disco balls. Berlin nights are intense, they are fun, they are rough. But what happens outside of the usual clubs that we know and go to? There seems to be an endless amount of parallel worlds in this city, places and scenes and people we never come across. Hidden strip clubs, private parties, ball rooms and Kneipen, strange places and strange people. Well, maybe they are all not that strange, for them, we are the strange ones.

Photographer Christian Reister has captured this other side of Berlin’s nightlife in his photo book Alle Katzen Grau. The title is a short form of the German proverb “At night all cats are gray”. Through his lens he takes us on a trip through the night to places that look so foreign, yet they are in the same city that we know so well. He shows us a world beyond the hip clubs, crowded bars and popular streets – a world beyond youth culture, beyond techno parties, beyond boundaries. The photo book is available in a beautiful limited edition of 200. Have a look inside on our favorite images of the book after the jump.

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on October 19th, 2015
in Art, Books, Photos