The Most Unique Lamps in Berlin

On the weekend we set back the daylight saving time to the normal time which means we’ve lost a fair share of daylight for the remainder of the year. To make up for this and not let the darkness win we are in need for some artificial light! Being a lamp enthusiast (and occasional lamp builder) this article was long overdue, but now here it is: A collection of some of the most original lamps that you can get here in Berlin. Enjoy my selection after the jump. May some of these beauties brighten your dark winter days that are coming up…

El Reinventor

I’ve been meaning to write about the crazy lamps of El Reinventor for quite some time now! He makes lamps (and other objects and furniture) from old things, repurposes them in quite original ways. His most catchy line of products are lamps he made from old brass instruments such as trumpets and horns. There are also lamps made of old military objects such as helmets and signal lights. I also love the chandelier made out of a bicycle wheel. Check out his latest re-inventions in his shop at Brunnenstraße.

* * *

Kasabe Deco

The lamps of Kasabe Deco cleverly combine nostalgic shapes with industrial style and pretty much hit the nerve of contemporary aesthetics. The dark painted wood with the brass wing nuts and fixtures contrast the otherwise playful design that reminds me a bit of my old construction play sets that I had as a child. The model “Berlin” is actually the most industrial looking one with a little pulley wheel with lots of cable wrapped around. The cables are one of the most interesting elements of the lamps as they are coated in fine mesh material in different colors that give it a very unique texture. The lamps look amazing in industrial chic or minimalist interiors. Check out the lamps at the Hallesches Haus general store at Tempelhofer Ufer 1.

* * *

LJ Lamps

Concrete lamps are a big trend and go along with the industrial and raw style that is very strong right now. There are quite a few designers who do this, but the most original version of this for me is the smashed concrete pendant from LJ Lamps. You basically receive an intact concrete cylinder lamp that you have to smash a bit to give it its unique destroyed look. This way every lamp is an original. In a neer collection there are also quite cool brass lamps that look a bit like abstract flowers. They lamps are available online, at the new concept store Fête de la Boutique at Mulackstr. 11, at various design markets and in the LJ Lamps showroom at Plauener Straße 163-165.

* * *

Coordination Berlin

The lamp Tangle by Coordination is a total stunner. We saw it for the first time at the Berlin Design Selection showroom at the Milan Design Week. It’s actually nominated for the German Design Award 2016 and we hope they win! The ensemble of pendants is made of brass, marble and quartz. It looks so unique and elegant and with the indirect light it makes for a stunning wall decoration.

* * *

Studio Joa Herrenknecht

Do you remember these big paper ball ceiling lamps that everyone had a few years ago? It was so cool back then, but totally out of fashion now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make amazing lamps from paper. The Berlin-based product designer Joa Herrenknecht has a line of amazing origami paper lamps in different shapes. Some of them are quite futuristic looking, like an alien cocoon. They are available online.

* * *

Accidental Concrete

Last but not least another example for the concrete trend. Accidental Concrete is a young design studio also based in Funkhaus Nalepastraße that is specialized in lamps, design objects and furniture made of concrete. We actually have a few of their works in our office at Blogfabrik in the shape of our custom concrete counter in the kitchen and in the big stunning ceiling lamp in our conference room. Some of their smaller products are also available in their online shop at selekkt such as the small cube concrete pendants.


The Furore lamp line from Supergrau is an old favorite of mine. It’s slick and timeless and looks like no other lamp I’ve ever seen. The lamp comes in four colors: copper, black, white and silver and there is also a table lamp version of it that has a marble foot. You can check out the lamps live in the showroom in Berlin-Mitte at Gartenstraße 6.

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