A Charming Berlin Love Story in Stop-Motion

„She was just the way she was.“

A city like Berlin has its very own sagas. Every day, thousands of hearts are broken and hundreds of souls connect. The city presents the perfect scenery, serving as a stage for all the drama emerging in it.

Together with producers Fabian Gasmia and Henning Kamm film maker Erik Schmitt created an adorable short movie that poses the question: What defines the soul of a city? Schmitt answers it partly in his short film „Rhino Full Trottle“ with a classic love story, made in Berlin. He loves her, she needs to leave soon, he loves her anyway. Berlin takes up the role of the third protagonist here. With a striking love for details and powerful, little stop motion animations, the love displayed is not only between Vicky (played by Marleen Lohse) and Bruno (played by Tino Mewes) but mostly to Berlin. „Rhino Full Trottle“ is full of affection, charm and soul – just like the city itself can be. I feel like we’ve all been in the shoes of Bruno, secretly loving someone, but also in Vicky’s, unaware of the fact that someone is hurt by our own carelessness.

„She was just the way she was“, says Bruno and sums up the essence of his true love Vicky. And also Berlin. If you have 15 minutes of time on your hand, please make sure to watch the short movie below. You can turn on English subtitles in the settings in the bottom.

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