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Did we grab your attention? In the last issue of our series A Guide to Berlin Fashion we wrote about the sporty side of style. Now we want to cover the b-side of being en vogue: fetish-inspired fashion.

In both fashion and Berlin anything is possible. What you wear is who you are and vice versa. Fashion is a part of expressing yourself and sometimes even the most private parts of your persona need to find an outlet. Let’s say you have a fetish. Let’s say for latex. To enjoy and express said fetish, you don’t want cheap, smelling rubber materials. You want high quality, prêt-à-porter pieces that combine your lust for latex and your standard of style. Well, don’t look any further, we present to you 7 of the most interesting, exclusive designers of the city with a slight love for kink. Certainly, even Anna Wintour would consider wearing some of these looks. At least in the privacy of her NY townhouse.

If you don’t entertain a specific fetish yet, we’re sure after checking out the following designers you’ll want to cultivate a kinky preference of your own. Enjoy the racy chic straight outta Berlin after the jump.

Studio Obectra

Studio Obectra is a young label based in Berlin that was founded by designer Blaz Cuk only a few years ago. The design is quite dark, provocative and sensual blending the world of sportswear with fetish elements like leather harnesses, belts and straps making it the perfect choice for nightlife outfits for those raunchy techno nights at KitKat, Berghain, Pornceptual and House of Red Doors. If you want to see Obectra’s sexy designs life you could enjoy their fashion shows at the Berlin Alternative Fashion Week or visit Blaz in his little store in Neukölln at Emserstraße 118.

Available here.

Studio Obectra, Emserstr. 118, 12051 Berlin-Neukölln, Open Tue-Sat 14-20h


Namilia is a pretty new Berlin-based high fashion brand that brings kinky fashion to a whole new level. In contrast to most labels in our list it’s atypically colorful with lot’s of pop culture references and a lot of humor. Their sexual references come quite obvious with their signature penis pattern and their iconic Dickini, but they can also be quite subliminal bringing in fetishes for denim, latex, bukake, sportswear, and most recently motorcycle gear.

Available here.


Let’s start with the androgynous designs of Berlin-based design studio UY. Behind the label, Fanny Lawaetz from Stockholm and Idan Gilony from Tel Aviv create fashion that doesn’t divide between female and male or old and young. Since 2013 they create minimalistic unisex looks with sharp shapes and a kinky edge, lot’s of latex, revealing cuts and transparent fabrics will show just enough of your body to heat up the room when you enter.

Available here.


Danish-born designer Chaca Jacobsen creates jewelry, that lets you bond with yourself. Inspired by bondage and leather harnesses her signature black rope pushes the limits of not only gender (her designs are unisex) stigma but also perceptions of jewelry.

Très Bonjour

There we have it, latex! Vio Jaeger provides our capital with latex fashion since 2009. The Berliner made it her goal to make use of the fetish material into a new luxurious way and make it wearable also for less steamy occasions. Check out her amazing designs online or at her showroom in Mitte.

Available here or at

Très Bonjour, Torstraße 3, 10119 Berlin-Mitte, open: Mon-Sat 12 – 20h


Softness meets structure. Berlin-based Canadian designer Jen Gilpin uses her craft to mix materials such as leather and silk and morph them into luxurious looks that you’ll crave. One of their specialties are their super sexy stockings and bodies, in past seasons they have gone wild with really intricate harnesses. DSTM create garments that are clean cut and sexy. If you are into stockings, leather and latex, their store in Berlin-Mitte is definitely worth a visit.

Available here or at

DSTM store, Torstraße 161, 10115 Berlin-Mitte, open: Mon-Sat 13-20h

Marina Hoermanseder

Buckle up, Marina Hoermanseder is coming your way! With beautiful designs that introduce you to a specific field of all-time classic fetish bondage, the Austrian designer produces haute couture pieces that let you indulge in your love of boundaries. Her unique corsages revolve around contraption and immobility and often lay themselves around soft, luxurious materials. Even the queen of risky, forward fashion herself, Lady Gaga already wore the garments.

Available here.

ESMOD Internation Fashion Show 2014

Hermione Flynn

With her latest concept collection (In)difference, Hermione Flynn pushes gender perceptions to another limit. As a trained performance artist, Flynn knows how to integrate artistic concepts into fashion. After all, fashion is an art form itself. The SECOND SKIN mesh collection deserves its name like nothing else. We love the simplistic, transparent fabrics, that leave little to the imagination and a lot to gaze at. If you have an exhibitionist side to you, Hermione Flynn is your go-to designer to act out your revealing self.

Available here.

Augustin Teboul

Founded in 2011, Annelie Augustin and Odély Teboul took it upon themselves to close the gap between ready-to-wear and haute couture. With strong, feminine silhouettes and a mix of soft and rugged materials, the womenswear label creates a modern amazon, that is both confident and sensitive. If you have a soft spot for extravagant stockings, racy cut-outs, ripped materials, see-through fabrics and the color black, you might want to check out their creations here.

* * *

We hope this selection of sensual and provocative designers has inspired you to sex up your wardrobe. If you know any more designers from Berlin that would fit into this list, please let us know in the comments below.

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on November 4th, 2015
updated on March 28th, 2017
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