Kaffeeform – A Sustainable Cup Made of Coffee

Did you ever wonder what happens to all the used coffee grounds in coffee shops and homes all over the city? Berliner Julian Lechner wondered if there was a way to use the leftovers and came up with a genius idea, that frees you from any eco-guilt: Coffee cups made of coffee leftovers.

In the spirit of reincarnation, Julian takes used coffee grounds to manufacture new, re-usable cups. So basically, he is the Jesus of coffee, turning the leftover powdered beans into new, sturdy coffee cups. What kind of sorcery is this, you ask? Be filled in after the jump.

In 2009, Julian started recycling the coffee leftovers as a graduate project in his university. Since then, a lot of coffee was consumed and this year, he finally found the perfect mix to create a sustainable cup that’ll stand the test of both taste and time.

But how does this work exactly?

3 times a week, Julian collects the coffee grounds from different cafes in Berlin to produce his innovative product. Out of 6 cups of espresso leftovers he can create a new cup and the fitting saucer.  The chic coffee bowls are light in weight and made for daily use. To make the cups even dishwasher-friendly (can you believe this? Amazing!) and hard to break, he adds a clever mix of other renewable raw materials like biopolymers and wood grains to the coffee. Everything remains natural here. Plus, they look good, so they will not only upgrade your kitchen, but actually keep your coffee warm with great isolation qualities. We love when aesthetics meet utility and sustainability becomes attractive!

The unique cups come with matching saucers and each cup-saucer-set travels in its own bag, with an individual number right to your kitchen. When you open the bag, you will immediately smell what the cups are made of. We applaud Julian for this amazing idea and can’t wait to get our hands on our own set.

You can order your own set of Kaffeeform – cups here.

At the moment you can order them online but soon they will be available in selected coffee shops and new, additional sizes are already on the drawing board.

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