#berlin – The Instagram Exhibition

photo: Berlinstagram

Even though recent media stories suggest otherwise, Instagram is far more than conceited selfies, outfits of the day and food porn. It is also a platform for young and talented creative people that express themselves through photography, catching unique, unusual moments and details that are easily overlooked. In a sense, they bring you a different perspective of your daily life or even the city you live in. Berlin, as we know it, is a dream spot to bring out hidden aesthetics and aspects through photography and many photo artists capture the capital’s beauty on a daily basis for Instagram.

We wanted to find a way to get more people to see this amazing side of Instagram and promote the most talented users of the popular photo app – and what better way is there than making an exhibition with them! We sat down with Ferdinand Prinz, the founder of Post Collective, the world’s first platform for fine art prints of Instagram photos, as he really knows his way around the scene. With him and his team we curated the most outstanding and interesting pictures taken in and around the city and the result is going to be our upcoming exhibition #berlin that will be open to the public from November 29, 2015 for one week at Blogfabrik. More information and a preview after the jump.

photo: brainyartist

photo: jeissonmartin

photo: Loewe7

That’s right, we are going to have an exhibition in the centre of Kreuzberg, our creative home, the Blogfabrik and we are going to display the works of the most popular Berlin Instagramers right here, right now on a big scale. Photographs from over 20 Instagramers in and around Berlin will be turned into fine art prints and displayed at the exhibition.

At #berlin, you will be able to discover our beloved capital through hashtags from unique and unexpected perspectives. And even better, the prints can be purchased starting from EUR 24.95.

From November 29 for one week you will be able to visit the works of photo artists and photographers such as: Michael Schulz (@berlinstagram), Thomas Kakareko (@Thomas_k), Ezgi Polat (@ezgipolat) and many more. We can’t wait to welcome and share our love of photo art and Instagram with you! Check out some of the photographs that will await you at the #berlin exhibition here!

photo: konaction

photo: framedbyjad

photo: Uwa2000

#berlin – An Instagram Exhibition

with Andrewandryou, Berlinstagram, Berlintensiv, Brainy_artist, Ellamsinger, Exil_et_royaume, Ezgipolat, Foxofix, Frailfrail, Franz.becker, Helinbereket, Jeissonmartin,  Jnjuancamiloberlin, Knurrt, Konaction, LindaberlinLoewe7Marisahampe, Mr_sunset, Nomadic_by_choice, Oh_hedwig, Tellpas, Thomas_k, Uwa2000.

Curated by: Ferdinand Prinz, Brando Wild, Olga Potschernina, Frank R. Schröder

Blogfabrik, Oranienstraße 185, 2. HH, Aufgang 5, 2. Stock

Opening hours:
Sunday, November 29 – Saturday, December 5th 2015, from 14 to 20h (Monday and Tuesday closed)

Fine-Art prints available at www.postcollective.com

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