The Strawberryman and his Techno-Didgeridoo in Berlin

Music is a huge topic in Berlin: Wherever you go, each district has its own special vibe and unique sound. In some areas it’s just street noises, screaming babies, sometimes it’s the distant bass of a club – or actually musicians playing on the street. Especially in summer a lot of musicians try their luck and spread their musical love at busy places like Schlesisches Tor or Warschauer Straße. Thousands of people pushing and rushing by, only catching glimpses. But sometimes the talent catches our attention and just for a moment in time, everything stops and we take in the sound, the love and passion.

One of those special and crazy street musicians is Strawberryman, who travels the world with his music, living his dream and the goal to inspire others to live their dreams too. But Strawberryman does not only have an unheard name, he also plays an instrument that is one-of-a-kind. See for yourself after the jump…

Eldar, who calls himself Strawberryman is from Tel Aviv and has started his journey by deciding to do what he loves for a living. Ever since, he set out to travel the world, jamming on the streets with his didgeridoo. But he doesn’t play a didgeridoo as we know it, because his friend Yuval Mark designed a unique didgeridoo, that looks more like a Saxophone – a Sax-O-Didge – which creates a different sound and has a higher variability, almost electronic-like. Strawberrymans music reminds us a little of the good old drum & base days; but enough said, here is a video of his performance at Warschauerstaße this summer:

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