Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization

artwork: Erdal Inci

In these agitated times it’s important to stay open, united and tear down walls. This is exactly what Turkish new media artist Erdal Inci did. The Berlin wall and its remains are an important piece of the collective memory of the capital which is why Inci took an attempt to visualize the Berlin wall in another way than usual. While maybe you can think of its length, you can’t imagine the whole extent. There were multiple versions of the Berlin wall in the time of the GDR and from 1975 to 1980 the fourth generation wall was finalized. About 45.000 sections of concrete, shaped in a L-form were used to form “Grenzmauer 75”. To grasp its whole size, Inci created a computer-generated 3D model where he put all wall segments into one big segment, letting them fall to the ground.
Watch the bricks go down after the jump.

Erdal Inci is currently looking for sponsors and collaborators to produce a 3D print of this project. We can’t wait to see it live!

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