Snippets Of A Lifetime: A Look Beneath The Surface of Berliners

We pass thousands of strangers each and every day and we tend to forget, that behind every person there is a unique life story; an individual path that led those strangers to be where they are today and right in this moment. Intrigued by this thought and her passion for the stories beneath the surface, Carolin Kraft spend the last 2 years working on her film project Snippets Of A Lifetime.

So far Carolin filmed 12 episodes, following 12 totally different individuals from Berlin, Chemnitz, Switzerland and Senegal into their personal universe, letting them talk about their ups and downs in life. Carolin’s short films remind us how important it is to look beneath and listen to people and their valuable lessons they have to share. Learn more about this beautiful project after the jump…

For her project Carolin has managed to find 12 interesting people, and asked them exactly the right questions: Because despite being in totally different  phases, living different lifestyles and facing individual struggles – they all started following their personal philosophy at some point along the way.

We think sometimes it’s beautiful to learn more about other peoples philosophies, not only to get a better understanding of your fellow humans, but also to reflect and understand yourself better.

Every Wednesday a new Episode is shared on the Snippets Of A Lifetime Homepage. All Episodes are very worth watching, but especially Edgard, the super sexy Boy from Rixdorf, who’s been living on Sonnenallee in Neukölln for 70 years shares a beautifully important mindset with us.

We’re definitely thankful for little projects like Snippets Of A Lifetime…

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