Berlin’s Hottest Contemporary Dance Highlights in December

photo: Marc Coudrais

Do you remember the good old days when the whole family went to the ballet to see the Nutcracker or Swan Lake for the holidays? At least in Germany it is a tradition on Christmas to go to the theater or to the ballet. Usually the Christmas program is very charming and family-friendly. If you have your parents coming to visit and want to experience this kind of theater I recommend you check out the program of Staatsballett and Komische Oper (but if you really want to go remember to book your tickets in advance)

The good thing in Berlin is that there is always the extreme opposite to all the typical German traditions. We found an unusual and intriguing selection of hot contemporary dance pieces and events coming up in the next few weeks, that we would like to present you here. The pieces after the jump might not be family friendly, but will definitely crack some nuts (in one way or another). Our list with photos and trailers after the jump.

7 Pleasures by Mette Ingvartsen

Focusing on different aspects of pleasure, hedonism and sensuality the work of Mette Ingvartsen at HAU 2 might hit some nerves. As a stage collective, twelve performers execute a long, expansive movement in seven stages. They feel their way towards other bodies, their skin, testing their boundaries, engaging in unexpected constellations, and also exploring the question: how can we use the joyful potential of pleasure to disrupt images attached to nudity and sexuality?

Wed 09.12.2015 20:00
Thu 10.12.2015 20:00
Fri 11.12.2015 20:00

Zweiland by Sasha Waltz

photo: Sebastian Bolesch

One of the biggest success pieces of Berlin’s most appreciated contemporary dance choreographer Sasha Waltz is coming back to the stage of Radialsystem. Premiered in Berlin in 1997 this choreography weaves poetic images from German mythology with music from various centuries. With a sense of humour and melancholy the choreographer examines current German history and finds a poetic approach to the theme “Images of Germany”.

Thu 10.12.2015 20:00
Fri   11.12.2015  20:00
Sat   12.12.2015 20:00
Sun 13.12.2015 20:00

News by Modjgan Hashemian

photo: Neda Navaee

Can you bring newspaper stories into a conceptual movement? The choreographer and dancer Modjgan Hashemian invites the audience of Maxim Gorki Studio to read out articles from newspapers. Oliver Doerell de-familiarizes these recordings and creates a rhythmic composition that serves as a soundtrack for Hashemian’s live performance.

Thu 10.12.2015 20.30
Fri 11.12.2015 20.30

Verklärte Nacht by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

photo: Anna van Aerschot

The choreographer who Beyonce used to steal her moves from (until it became public) is coming to Berlin with a very intimate piece. It tells the story of a woman who, one moonlit night in a forrest, confesses to the man she loves that she is pregnant with the child of another man. A shameless romantic love story, in the pale light of a transfigured night accompanied by the music of Arnold Schönberg.

Tue 15.12.2015, 20:00
Wed 16.12.2015, 20:00
Thu 17.12.2015, 20:00
Fri 18.12.2015, 20:00
Sat 19.12.2015, 20:00

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