A One of a Kind Christmas Market

Every year it’s the same: What to give your loved ones for Christmas? It’s not easy these days to find something really unique because we live in a world where everything exists a thousand times and in the end nothing is really special. But of course you want to give something that is different and special. Something that only exists one time.

This month there is a Christmas market taking place inside Bikini Berlin that took this desire to heart and specialized in one of a kind products. Here you’ll find artisanal products, garments, delicacies, design objects and so much more – but all of it is hand-made and one of a kind and not mass-produced. The idea of the market pretty much aligns itself with the concept of the Bikini Berlin, because the shops inside here are different from the highstreet chains that you’ll find in regular malls and offer unique products for the sophisticated customer.

The One of a Kind Christmas Market at Bikini Berlin will be open on the coming two weekends from Thursday to Saturday. Have a look after the jump for some impressions from last weekend and more info.

On the ground floor of the mall you will find many little booths with hand-made, unique products from online platform DaWanda, as well as accessories by La Fraise Rouge, Petida, ElectroPulli and Little Man Happy, jewellery from Geiles Herz, Elicamente and Pictofactum, and home accessories from Fundamental, Promobo and LJ Lamps, to name only a few of the over 40 sellers.

The One of a Kind Christmas Market is not the only thing going on at Bikini Berlin during the holiday season. Upstairs on the roof deck overlooking the Berlin Zoo you will find a street food market with some delicious Christmas drinks and snacks that will offer you a more modern than the food you are used to from the regular Christmas markets. You’ll find the delicious pastrami sandwiches from Mogg & Melzer, Corilla BBQ, Happy Belly and an Oyster and Champagne bar. If you want to get active there is also a 16m long ice stock course on the roof terrace that will be open until the end of December.

Thanks for the support by Bikini Berlin!

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