Berlin is… Quiet and Thoughtful

photo: Franz Becker

Sometimes it’s hard to let go: It’s this time of the year again – the holidays. We’re supposed to be kind, quiet and loving. Yes, December is a cosy month, at least it’s hiding behind this romantic cover. But when we think about it, when we have those few quiet moments sitting by ourselves with candle light and time to breath, we realize: the December is stressful, and that is mainly because things are close to an end. It’s time to let go and spend some quality time with the whole family, but it’s mainly the goodbyes that creep up on us and leave an odd taste behind.

Indeed, everyone is rushing quietly – because things need to get done: Work needs to be finished, Christmas parties need to be celebrated, people need to be seen, everything is happening one last time before the year is over…

But what exactly is the New Year for us? Is it a restart with new hope, new ways, new wishes, new adventures, new friends, new habits –  a new life? What is really changing for you and in order to welcome this new, fresh, innocent year, what do you need to leave behind? The 12 days after Christmas – also called Rauhnächte in Germany – are the time to reflect on the past year, to go inside and maybe think about your wishes for the upcoming year. It is also the time we seem to be a bit lost and Berlin becomes awfully quiet and thoughtful.

So what happened to you in the past 12 months, 53 weeks, 365 days that you need to let go of in order to get a fresh start? Which adventures, memories, people and places are you leaving behind? Are you ready yet? What is going to change for you with the change of the date and what is your ritual between the years?Partying until the year 2015 is forgotten, leaving Berlin behind to clear your mind somewhere else, or spending some quality time with your favorite peeps and enjoying the deserted city? Whatever feels right for you, we do very much enjoy this magic time between the years.

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