Inspiring Women in Berlin

photo: Andi Weiland

For me personally this year was exceptionally inspiring. Due to my new position at Blogfabrik & DailyBreadMag I had the chance to meet and work with amazing people who are doing a hell of a job in making this city a better place for everybody. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe it’s my subjective filter that made me stumble upon more inspiring women than men. Since I think that the stronger sex (because women are stronger in all ways you can possibly imagine) deserves way more credit I wanted to list 10 inspiring women in Berlin for you to get to know here. These personal highlights are the fabulous women who made me laugh, cry and awe of admiration these last 12 month. Discover my selection after the jump.

Jule Müller

We mentioned Jule’s amazing efforts for refugees many times already. The co-founder of im gegenteil and  initiator of our refugee campaign #HelpdonHate still deserves even more credit not only for being brave and inspiring, but also for doing a remarkable job as a photographer and writer. I don’t know how she is capable of handling all this but she is a phenomenon of her own who cannot be described in any other word then: hero.


photo: Nimroth

We had the chance to get to know Kaey through our collaboration with the gay city magazine Siegessäule. She is our editor there and working with her is a creative pleasure. But apart from being a top notch journalist and photography producer she is also a talented singer and performance artist. Her band Strawberry KaeyK is producing a new album we are all looking forward to in 2016.

Laura Gehlhaar

photo: Andi Weiland

On her blog Frau Gehlhaar, Laura is telling the unique stories of her life in Berlin. Some might see here as an inspiring girl in a wheelchair. I see her as a magical creature who can fly with words and dance through the poetry of her thoughts.

Tatiana Saphir

Maybe you remember the good old fruit salad actress Tatiana Saphir. Well, this year the Argentinian femme fatale started her own blog in cooperation with Otto called Soulfully. There she shows the world how fashionable you can be in any body type and shape.

Sophia Hoffmann

photo: Zoe Spawton

Food is not only a nourishment of the body. It is one of the most important elements of our everyday culture. Sophia Hoffmann is a self-taught chef and food blogger who teaches us everyday how creative you can be in working with food and tastes. Vegan by choice she is not a preacher of  abstinence but a celebrator of the desire of healthy and responsible food. Apart from her food mission she also has a big supporter of refugees and is also one of the initiator of #HelpDontHate.

Simonetta Ginelli

photo: Katja Hoffmann

Being a classical musician does not mean you have to leave all the glamour to the pop stars. Classical harpist Simonetta Ginelli is Berlin’s hottest and most avant-garde harpist. Her latest bold act was to fly all the way to Bethlehem to play in the church of Jesus’ birth on Christmas despite the danger of the current Intifada going on. Music can be a strong symbol for peace and Simonetta did not hesitate to use her music to bring a bit of peace and harmony to a place of conflict.

Melisa Karakus

photo: Danny Do

Cliches can have a strong negative impact on society and politics. Because she didn’t want to deal with the current stereotypes of Turkish people in German society, Melisa started her web magazine Renk. In very accurate interviews she and her team portray Turkish-German creatives of all disciplines having an impact on German life and society.

Ezgi Polat

photo: Thomas Kakareko

She is one of the biggest Instagramers in Germany and was of course also part of our recent #berlin Instagram exhibition. Ezgi’s photos are truly amazing and capture contemporary aesthetics perfectly. She captures haunting portraits, iconic still lives and beautiful scenes of nature and daily life in an authentic and fascinating way that take you away from where ever you are and bring you into her world.

Luisa Pohlmann

Selfportrait, Luisa Pohlmann

Being a young artist in Berlin is not the easiest task. So many other amazing minds try to create a career in a market with few successes and many disappointments. The success of Luisa Pohlmann first solo exhibition that showed intimate portraits of women made me quite happy! Looking forward to much more inspiring sexual art from such a strong woman in 2016.

Eylül Aslan

photo: Ina Niehoff

Last but not least a woman that I’ve known for many years but just recently learned to appreciate to the fullest. Eylül takes photos of women in obscure and enigmatic situations. Her work is infused by a strange magic, words can hardly describe. Therefore I invite you to look into her blog.

So many more women should me mentioned here we had the pleasure working with. But the last honorary mention goes to our fabulous team of new authors Olga, Yasmin and Kate who are doing a tremendous job in making our Blog so much more diverse and special. All your contribution are full of  love and passion and working with all of you is a gift we can only be thankful for.

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