Nudity & History: The Most Popular Features in 2015

photo: Vanek London

It wouldn’t be New Year’s if there wouldn’t be some sort of review, look back or highlights list on here. Well, I’ve never been so crazy about these kinds of blog posts, but to be honest, this year was special for us. It’s been a big year for us and that’s mostly thanks to all the articles we’ve posted this year. In fact some of them were so successful that they enabled us the biggest audience we’ve ever had. So we wondered, which ones were those and why were they so attractive for our readers? Well, the results do give us answers and we want to share that with you, of course. So here it goes, our big round-up of 2015 in blogposts…

1. Naked Boys Reading

photo: Vanek London

So our most successful post of 2015 was the one about Naked Boys Reading. This was an even at Monster Ronsons were a bunch of scruffy guys read from their favorite books, in the nude. I’m glad we found a way to bring people closer to literature. Even if it was with the help of the oldest trick in the book: Sex. Well, nothing wrong with that…

Read the full article here.

2. Friedrichshain in the Early 90s

Warschauer Str 1991 by Analog Berliner

photo: Analog Berliner

The article with the quirky video of Friedrichshain in the early 90s was a big surprise hit. The actual video is not of the best quality, but timed with the bad press that Friedrichshain had in that very moment because of some assaults and robberies happening it seemed to have struck a nerve with people who craved for a reminder of how innocent and untouched by the party hype the district once was.

Check out said video here.

3. Naked Berliners – The Daily Portrait


photo project by: Martin Gabriel Pavel

Again something with nudity? Guys, you are so predictable… Well, to be fair I think the charm of the Daily Portrait series was not the nudity by itself, but the intimate and charming look into the private lives of a bunch of Berliners of all different ages, sexes, races and body types. It shows a diverse and colorful Berlin, just the way we love it.

Check out the photo series here.

4. East Berlin in the 80s

1980 - Berlin die Hauptstadt der DDR 4

Ok ok, after Friedrichshain in the 90s, we went further into the past with this one: The 80s. And the entire East part of Berlin in its former GDR glory. That’s one hell of a history lesson!

Watch this video and photos here.

5. Berlin Monday Morning


photo: Moritz Jekat

In 2014 one of the most successful posts was about young hipster kids coming out of Berghain after up to 16h of techno. So it’s no surprise that a new photos series about party folks stumbling out of various clubs on a Monday morning would also be a popular one.

Check out the photo series here.

6. Kreuzberg in 70s

1975 - in Kreuzberg

photo: Thomas Dornfeld

After the 80s we are now one decade further into the past and over to the West of Berlin in Kreuzberg. So the history thing really is becoming a thing! We love that our readers are not only into what’s hot right now, but also have an interest in how the city used to be.

Check out the Kreuzberg video and photos here.

7. 100 Days of German Words


photo: Tom

I’m super glad this one made it into the top 10 list because it was HILARIOUS. Some poor commenters actually didn’t get the joke, too bad for them. We loved these invented and totally practical German words by fellow blogger Federico.

Read some of his best invented German words here.

8. A City in Ruins – Berlin in 1945

Berlin 1945

This colorized video of Berlin in the year 1945 right after the war was an impressive piece and it’s our oldest and last history lesson in our highlights list.

Check out the video here.

9. Abandoned Berlin

photo: Ciaràn Fahey

Urban Exploring is a big thing here in Berlin, not only for Instagramers but for young curious people looking for adventure that goes beyond a Sunday visit at Berghain. Our feature about the photo book by popular urban exploring blog Abandoned Berlin was a big hit and I bet the book was too.

Have a closer look at the book here.

10. Days of Deutsch


photo: Days of Deutsch

The German language seems to really be a fascination for you guys! By my estimate the half of you already speaks it, and the other half is on its way or already trying to learn it. Here is a fun photo project that is a helpful helper to learn German.

See for yourself here.

* * *

So this was our top 10 of 2015. Were your favorite articles in here? If not, what’s missing? We compiled this list by taking both views and Facebook Likes into account. And we focussed on mono-topic features ignoring all the city guide type of articles (that would naturally be on the top of this list here) that came out in 2015.

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