A Portrait of Change: Neukölln Wind

Gentrification is a huge and ongoing topic in Berlin, with the steady rise of rent prices, as just recently shown in the Rent Map the change becomes inevitable and crystal clear. But nevertheless stories are being constantly written, with new people coming and old people dealing with the changes, the melting pot becomes more diverse and offers endless potential: An interesting time and a good base for a portrait about Neukölln.

Arsenny Rapoport, a filmmaker from Israel fell in love with Berlin right from the start, he felt especially inspired by Neukölln. He started filming and writing his film debut Neukölln Wind in 2012, which tells the story of estate agent Kalle, who himself grew up in Neukölln before his whole house was cleared, due to Asbestos being used. He returns many years later and wants to buy his old house and other buildings. On his way down memory lane he crosses paths with many different souls and gets involved with their personal stories. The film is very close to reality and even the famous homeless Schmitti, who lived on Neuköllns streets for 27 years before he passed away in August gets to tell his story.

With his film debut Rapoport sets a memorial of change and captures the moment and interesting stories of his chosen home. The trailer and more Infos about the film premiere tonight after the jump…

photos: Basis Film

The film premiere will be this Thursday, January 7th, 20h at IL Kino Berlin, Nansenstr.22, Neukölln in German with English subtitles.

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