Berlin Tattoo Masters: Myra Brodsky

Berlin is a melting pot and center for all kinds of creatives: One of the things the city is definitely not lacking are amazing tattoo artists. Right at the top of the vibrant scene is Myra Brodsky, the grande dame of Berlin, who is about to publish her first book with tattoos and illustrations of the past five years. Myra, who is based in Berlin and grew up in Germany has always been scatching but got into tattooing by accident, while studying visual communication.

After a friend got her the first machine in 2008, she started by tattooing herself and developed her own style in the following four years: Old school customs with a new school edge, combining details found in 1920s Art Nouveau paintings with Baroque and Renaissance art, the Victorian era and Rococo with a modern taste. Over the past seven years, Myra has inked hundreds of amazing tattoos – from handheld masterpieces including unique unicorns, mermaids, wartime nurses and card-trick magicians to full-on body works, including butterfly back pieces. More of her work and all the details of the book release after the jump…

The coffee table book “Myra Brodsky Tattoos, 2010-2015” is a must-have for all fans and tattoo lovers; it features a selection of recent paintings and best-of tattoos produced by Myra in the past five years:

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