Why Moderate Drinking Is More Sexy

If someone asks me about the drinking habits of Germans, I would probably answer that Germans drink quite a lot, but in a fairly responsible way. We do like our beer and we do like our wine, and quite a lot of people drink exactly these two types of alcohol on a regular basis. But unless it’s Oktoberfest or a Fashion Week party with free drinks Germans tend not to get too wasted on it. At least that’s my observation here in Berlin.

I would consider myself a moderate drinker, too, proudly so. I like the social habits around drinking, like buying someone cute a drink, having drinks with friends, offering a drink to guests, toasting a special occasion with a drink. I like a good drink for the right moment, and I do like to drink a couple of them if they are really good, but I don’t enjoy the feeling of getting drunk, loosing control. I know when to stop and switch to water. The main reason for that: I don’t want anyone to think of me what I think of people that loose it, get really drunk and really embarrassing. You will end up saying something or doing something that you will later regret and it won’t be worth the fun you think you are having in that moment. And I hate hangovers…

I never understood the desire of people to get hammered. It’s either to really really forget about something or because you want to have the most fun of them all. I find other ways that are way more efficient to achieve that. And if you really think about it, who really wants to hook up with someone that is totally wasted. At the same speed that you “drink” someone else more attractive you become less attractive to them. All those human qualities like charm, respect, good sense, graciousness and intellect go down the drain the more drunk you are. You become irresponsible, loud, silly and, to be honest, a little disgusting. That’s not sexy, no one wants to go home with that.

It seems that I am not the only one who thinks like that. A world-wide study about alcohol consumption has shown that moderate drinking is becoming a trend in many countries. Even alcohol brands – those that would actually benefit from more alcohol consumption – have realized that responsible drinking is the better thing to so they support this trend. Heineken is one of those brands and their new campaign video is all about moderate drinking.

In their new video they show in quite spectacular fashion what women really look for in a man (amongst other things I assume): someone who knows when he had enough. Borrowing the hit song “Hero” from Bonnie Tyler the girls sing how they are “holding out for a hero to the end of the night” that is strong enough to say no to that one beer too many he got offered at the bar. It’s totally fun to see this modern-day twist to this classic song and I can totally imagine that to a perfect response from a girl who gets hit on by a drunk guy. Enjoy the video below.

Thanks for the support by Heineken

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