Berlin through the Eyes of a Stranger

Just like in any other longterm relationship from time to time it is crucial to take a step back and see what you’ve got – like a third party pointing out just how lucky you are. Seeing through the eyes of a stranger brings you ironically closer to yourself. The relationship you have with the place you live in is no different. Berlin is my hometown and habitat and from time to time I find myself forgetting just how lucky I am to call this city my home. It gets lost quite easily in the grumpy morning banter with the bus driver while hectically fishing out the ticket.

But in order to feel like yourself you need to feel good where you are, feel protected and challenged to be your best self.
 Movies about Berlin with a certain atmosphere can bring back a joy for detail and exploring. Because that’s what a stranger ultimately brings: curiosity. The curiosity to find back the beauty of your street, the joy of your neighborhood, the greatness of your city.
And the freedom to live in it.

Take a look at this uplifting video from Cécile Chabert with great music and Berlin shots and be delighted. Right after the jump.

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