A Guide to Live Music Bars in Berlin

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Oh the good old days with cigarettes, sophisticated drinks and live music. Mysterious nights with charming strangers. Red lipstick, hats and jazz in the air. Wait a minute – that’s still current!

It’s not all techno, beats and Berghain. Berlin has a lot more to offer when it comes to music. Numerous famous Exiles lived here but also many artists in the making currently reside in the capital. Often they perform at open mics – events where anyone and everyone can register to perform their special art. And sometimes, there is nothing more exciting than having a tasty drink with some good live music.

These 10 live music bars are a must for any music/night/drink-lover. Cigarettes, hats and red lipstick are optional. See our selection right after the jump.


Let’s start with a classic. The b-flat bar in Mitte offers everything, ranging from big band to piano and jazz. Founded in 1995 by musicians Jannis Zotos and Thanassis Zotos and actor André Hennecke, the bar and club offers professional concerts, jam sessions and good drinks in a relaxed atmosphere, with acoustics that are hard to beat. More information and the program of the night here.

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b-flat Acoustic Music & Jazz Club

Rosenthaler Straße 13, 10119 Berlin; Opening Hours: Sun – Thu from 20h, Fri and Sat from 21h

* * *


Coffee, culture and music in Neukölln. What more could one ask for? The house from 1912 was newly refurbished in 2014. There you can get coffee by Five Elephants, sandwiches by amazing cooks and music by artists from all over the world. Prachtwerk is home to art of all forms by many known artists and those who need to be known. Every Wednesday, an open stage invites everyone to join that wants to put feelings into words and/or music. Just make sure to register two weeks ahead. Check out the versatile program here and pay a visit to Prachtwerk.

photo: Prachtwerk

Prachtwerk Berlin

Ganghoferstraße 2, 12043 Berlin; Opening Hours: Sun, Mon, Tue: 10h-23h; Wed: 10h-00h; Thu: 10h-01h; Fri and Sat: 10h-02h

* * *


One of the oldest in the business and nothing like the literary character, Quasimodo is a jazz club in Charlottenburg in the basement of Delphi cinema. There’s also Quasimodo café, where you can also wine and dine. With a traditional atmosphere and good drinks, the non-smoking bar is used by jazz legends since 1975 and open for everyone. From jazz to soul and blues – you should definitely check out their program and spend a night the unforgettable Quasimodo-way.

photo: Marc Brose / CC

Quasimodo Berlin

Kantstraße 12a, 10623 Berlin; Opening Hours (Music Club): Everyday from 20h

* * *

Kaffee Burger

We’re sure you must have heard of the infamous Kaffee Burger by now. The club in Mitte is not only a place for parties, poetry slams and readings – many live concerts take place there as well. From singer-songwriter to Latin rock and psychedelic Reggae, Kaffee Burger leaves almost no modern musical preference unfulfilled. Check out their program here and make sure to be prepared for a long night with some good music.

photo: Kaffee Burger

Kaffee Burger

Torstraße 60, 10119 Berlin; Opening Hours: Mon – Sat: from 21h; Sun from 22h

* * *


Another classic! Right in Kreuzberg. There have been countless nights with innumerable artists that have enlightened the cityscape of the capital at Yorckschlösschen. The club is an institution, the house is over 100 years old and the drinks are fresh. You can party, eat, drink and listen to amazing live music from jazz and soul to swing and funk. There is no other place quite like Yorckschlösschen. Program and details here.

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Yorckschlösschen – Home of Jazz & Blues

Yorckstraße 15, 10965 Berlin; Opening Hours: Mon-Sat: 17h-03h; Sun: from 10h

* * *

Junction Bar

Not far from Yorckschlösschen is a bar that could be easily overlooked. In order to enjoy the music, you’ll have to take the staircase down – right into the arms of good acoustics and marvelous drinks. The Junction bar is wild and features many big international and local artists. The owner seems to always have a good instinct for what’s current – and what’s up-and-coming. Check out their broad live music program here and have a coffee, cake or drink right next to the bar, at the Junction Café. We’re sure you’re in for a night to remember.

photo: Junction Bar

Junction Bar

Gneisenaustraße 18, 10961 Berlin; Opening Hours (Bar): Daily, 20.30h-05h – Opening Hours (Café): Daily from 17h

* * *

Kallasch& – Moabiter Barprojekt

Right there, in Moabit there is a place for singers and songwriters. For poets and movie-enthusiasts, thinkers and drinkers. Every last Thursday of the month Kallasch& – Moabiter Barprojekt invites you to stand on the stage yourself when it’s ‘Freiraum & Open Mic.’ Any other events like movie screenings, poetry slams and live music are to announced on their page.

photo: Kallasch& Moabiter Barprojekt

Kallasch& Moabiter Barprojekt

Unionstraße 2, 10551 Berlin; Opening Hours: Thu-Sat: 19h-03h

* * *

Speiches Rock und Blueskneipe

We already told you about the famous bar when we suggested things to do with your parents. In this list, Speiches Rock und Blueskneipe finds a new place. With many concerts and a laid-back atmosphere, you should go to Speiches Rock and Blueskneipe with or without the ‘rents. Check out their program on their page and have a great night with rock, blues or a little jazz in the Helmholtzkiez.

photo: Michel Rouse

Speiches Rock und Blueskneipe

Raumerstraße 39, 10437 Berlin; Opening Hours: Daily from 20h-04h

* * *


There is nothing Dodo can’t do. With a program that varies from art to trivia to cabaret to music, you are in for a special treat. Dodo is a place for artists and musicians of all sorts – and for anyone who wants to see them. The atmosphere is cozy, the location is right in Kreuzberg and the drinks are perfect.  Every Friday from 20:30h, Dodo invites people to an open stage and offers the perfect environment to feel right at home. Check out their program here and swing by Dodo.

photomompl / CC

Dodo Berlin

Großbeerenstraße 32, 10965 Berlin; Opening Hours: Daily from 18h

* * *

Hangar 49

There are few places in Berlin that combine an insane view with an underground feeling. Hangar 49 is one of the best places to jam, drink and listen to good musicians. This might be the right occasion to thank Hangar 49 for many magical and musical nights. Hidden in the S-Bahn bow of Jannowitzbrücke, the ‘freest jam’ of the city keeps up to its promise. Everyone here is a musician – even the nice owners who are always keen on having a chat with you. While drinking, jamming and singing you can look out the windows and see the beautiful Spree. Hangar 49 combines the traditional with the new and is everything you could ask for. Check out the program here and join the inviting stage or sit back and enjoy.

photo: manonyme_

Hangar 49

Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin (S-Bahn-Bogen 49); Opening Hours: Daily from 20h, free Entry

* * *

While we hope you enjoyed our selection, naturally there are many other places to enjoy an evening full of live music in Berlin. If you know any, please let us know in the comment section below!

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