A Guide to Nonsmoker Friendly Bars in Berlin

photo: Alicia Kassebohm

Berlin is a city that ends up in smoke. No hard feelings here, if we’re being real: a cigarette with a good drink is one of the most oddly satisfying things. It is bad though. For the environment, others and mostly you. We all know this moment the next morning when smelling your hair and clothes from last night. It’s a rough one. Suddenly, all of your choices from last night are just the burn mark on your new sweater that smells like it was manufactured out of ash in a volcano. Not only non-smokers, even the toughest chain-smoker must be grossed out in this moment. Not to mention: hangovers are way harder when you didn’t only have Mr. Gin and Mr. Jack Daniels with you, but also the Marlboro Man. Or Pepe.

If you’ve had enough of all of the smoke and fire and want to burn the bad choices, we have some addresses for you where you can get a drink or dance without the fumes. Right after the jump is our list of favorite non-smoker friendly bars (which by our definition are bars that have separate smokers and non-smokers areas or are completely smoke-free).


We’re starting in the West of Berlin with two absolute classics of the gastronomic scene in good old Charlottenburg. Our favorite 24/7 joint, the Schwarzes Cafe offers not only breakfast all day around the clock, but also a good drink in the night, and it’s all completely smoke free. Same goes for another classic in the neighborhood, the Café Bleibtreu, which is a restaurant and cafe by day and serves drinks in the night.

Schwarzes Café, Kantstraße 148, 10623 Berlin

Café Bleibtreu, Bleibtreustr. 45, 10623 Berlin

photo: Alicia Kassebohm



Friedrichshain is one of the epicentres of the nightlife scene in Berlin. You will definitely encounter a lot of smoke and ashes here, but there are also some sacred havens for non-smokers. The bars Chapel near Ostkreuz and the Honolulu bar of the Michelberger Hotel are completely smoke free and the micro brewery Hops & Barley and the cozy vintage bar Kaufbar have separate non/smoking areas.

Chapel, Sonntagstraße 30, 10245 Berlin

Hops & Barley, Wühlischstr. 22, 10245 Berlin

Kaufbar, Gärtnerstraße 4, 10245 Berlin

Michelberger Hotel Bar Honolulu, Warschauer Straße 39/40, 10245 Berlin

photo: Michelberger Hotel Bar/ Bernard Polet / CC



Kreuzberg is the most beloved district in Berlin for many and it’s probably thanks to its thriving bar scene. The queer multi-kulti place Südblock, the super popular Luzia bar both offer separate non/smoking areas.

Südblock, Admiralstraße 1-2, 10999 Berlin

Luzia, Oranienstr. 34, 10999 Berlin

photo: Luzia/ ana m. / CC



The place for the young and hip is definitely still Neukölln, and of course this crowd is thirsty! Ankerklause, the no-fuzz, down-to-earth cafe and bar at the canal is smoke free. So are the old Kiez classic Fuchs & Elster, the day-time breakfast heaven Melbourne Canteen, and the new restaurant/bar Beuster.

Ankerklause, Kottbusser Damm 104, 10967 Berlin

Fuchs und Elster, Weserstraße 207, Neukölln, 12047 Berlin

Melbourne Canteen, Pannierstr. 57, 12047 Berlin

Beuster, Weserstr. 32, 12045 Berlin

photo: Ankerklause Facade/ Krista / CC



Surprisingly we couldn’t find that many smoke-free bars in Mitte, but then again, it’s more of a commercial district these days and the few old and new bars are unfortunetly mostly smokers bars. There are some nice exceptions though: The Bar Babette next to Kino International, Mein Haus am See at Rosenthaler Platz and the co-working cafe across the street, St. Oberholz.

Bar Babette, Karl-Marx-Allee 36, 10178 Berlin

Mein Haus am See, Torstraße 125, 10119 Berlin

St. Oberholz, Rosenthaler Straße 72a, 10119 Berlin

photo: St. Oberholz Facade/ Sang-hee / CC


Prenzlauer Berg

Despite its reputation for being a mostly family-oriented upscale kind of neighborhood, Prenzlauer Berg has actually quite a lot of bars all over the place. Smoking is also a big thing here still, so the nice ones that are smoke free are rare. The old classic Wohnzimmer is one of them and the craft beer place Herman is too.

Wohnzimmer, Lettestrasse 6, 10437 Berlin

Herman, Schönhauser Allee 173, 10405 Berlin

photo: Charlyn Wee / CC

At Nichtraucherlokale and  Berlinairbars, you can find more bars and restaurants that are non-smoker friendly. Both sites regularly update their repertoire and give you more options to enjoy your night smoke-free. If you know of any more cool places in your neighborhood that deserve a mention here, please let us know in the comments below!


And if you still have to smoke something, there is a café and liquid atelier, that is dedicated to e-cigarettes. Similar to a Shisha Bar/ Hookah Café, at Tante Dampf you can choose your liquid of choice and vape it – without the smelly aftermath. At Schönleinstraße 20, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Ashes to ashes, funk to funkie, we know Major Tom’s a junkie – thank god you’re not Major Tom.

photo: Rowena Waack / CC

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