The Love for Berlin Captured in a Song

The song “Berlin an der Spree” and its beautiful video is the charming result of the work of a group of friends from Berlin-Friedrichshain and a great example of Berlin being the muse for creative people. Brando, the man behind the song, was born here, but raised in a different city only to come back here as soon as he could. And that’s when his love affair with the city of his birth began. It was supposed to be only one song, summing up his appreciation for Berlin, but it ended up being an entire album. Well, I guess a lot of musicians would be jealous to hear that a whole album was created by accident. And the love for the city continues in the other songs as well, many places, moments and qualities of Berlin embedded in the lyrics that will be relatable for many people living here.

With his comparisons of Berlin’s eras and districts to other cities, he might raise some eyebrows, but we decided to take those as exuberant enthusiasm – and there’s nothing wrong with that ūüėČ Let this charming guy tell you his story of Berlin with his lyrical poetry right after the jump.

Brando‘s debut album “Nur der Anfang”¬†dedicated to Berlin will be released on April 1st 2016 on Miau Musik. You can prelisten here and pre-order here and here. Read an in-depth interview with him here.

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