Street Food around the World

Food is a way of coming together, a huge chunk of culture, a defining moment of – you guessed it – taste.

While in some cultures street food has always been a big part of daily life, it is on the up-and-up in Berlin, bringing delicious and quality street food that matches the fast pace of the metropolis. Next to the long-existing bratwurst, currywurst and döner there are numerous opportunities to expand your taste buds. Korean, Japanese, Mexican, you name it: Food is like a language, ever evolving. Time to get behind the magic.

Together with filmmaker Karsten Boysen, the guys of OSK made a lovely video about street food, following their hunger and ideas behind it. Observing and portraying the fast (but good) food on the streets in New York, Beijing and of course Berlin. See the foodie-licious result with a good chunk about the popular Street Food Thursday at Markthalle IX after the jump.

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