Jump House Berlin: Back to the Nineties

My professional experience in viral topics connected to Berlin would result in following list: Berghain, Berghain, Berghain, Porn, Sex, Avocado Toast and Bouncy Castles. Yes! Bouncing castles and bouncy houses are totally a thing now in Berlin. A couple of years ago a giant bouncy castle was opened in Berlin for a contemporary dance festival (one of those events that was described as super pretentious by mainstream society, but was actually super fun instead). The lines where huge and the hype legit: the bouncing castle was one of the funniest thing in my life.

Where there is a hype – there is a business man making money with it. Last Friday a place called Jump House Berlin opened its doors for the adrenaline hungry Berliners who can not wait to encourage their internal organs to switch places inside their body (who cares about natural order, it’s Berlin after all!). The promo video (with an interesting choice in music) was shared so many times in my Facebook stream that I started wondering if I should look out for new friends. The bold color choice of orange and purple reminds me of the sport center SEZ at Landsberger Allee: the biggest sport park in the history of the former GDR. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for your childhood when you were listening to Jump for Joy by 2Unlimited and literally jumped on your bed up and down, or maybe it’s the curiosity to experience something completely new: the Jump House Berlin is waiting for your in all its atrocious beauty in the “Szenekiez” Reinickendorf. More about the jump after the jump.

JUMP House Berlin

Saltare tutto il giorno? A Berlino è possibile! JUMP House Berlin

Posted by Il Mitte | Quotidiano di Berlino per italofoni on Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Jump House Berlin, Miraustr. 38 13509 Berlin-Reinickendorf

Open: Tue-Thu 15-21h, Fri 13-21h, Sat 10-22h, Sun 10-20h, Mon closed.

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