Berlin is… Still Too Cold

photo: all.x

It’s officially Spring now, but you wouldn’t quite know it based on the weather. The first days of spring still show temperatures around 5C.  Things do look to change soon, but it’s dangerous for us to get our hopes up.

We want to believe. We want the sun to arrive and never leave us. But haven’t we been fooled in the past? Hasn’t the winter chill lasted well into April?

Regardless, we can still hope for our winter habits to disappear soon enough, to start going out more, to come out of hibernation. More and more, we can turn those Facebook event statuses from “interested” to “going.” We can look forward to relying less on every club’s coat check, for those piles of coats and scarves in every bar to slowly melt away.

Enjoy the last of those cozy nights in! The movies on your laptop with your winter cuff! Of course you can still enjoy your apartment in the warmer weather, but it won’t be nearly as appealing. Now is the time to start saying goodbye to the habits of the cold…

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