The Most Awesome Vintage Shops in Berlin

AURA, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

The vintage and 2nd hand scene in Berlin is a very diverse world covering some rare vintage from golden times, contemporary high end brands as well as thrift stores where you can buy per kilo. The criteria which makes the difference between all those types is the selection of garments itself. While vintage is the label for clothes that were distinctive to a specific era that’s at least 10-15 years in the past, 2nd hand generally just describes clothes that have been worn by someone before. This could be anything ranging from 2000er high street pieces or last season’s designer stuff. Especially vintage stores pride themselves with the originality of their selection of pieces, that are mostly stand-outs, clean and in good condition. Just like well-curated 2nd hand shops they are usually done with a lot of love and passion, therefore vintage is usually more expensive than your average 2nd hand or thrift store.

Regardless of your personal preference, whether you buy 2nd hand or vintage as a political statement, to get trendy or luxurious brands for cheap or because you are searching for the pearl in a pile of random stuff to get that triumphant feeling of a precious discovery – Berlin’s got you covered!

Our guest contributor Emilie from Dress Me Guide Me selected some of the most awesome shops for you!

Extravagant & Special

Garments (women)

Garments is great for people who like to be seen, for style lovers or if you like powerful pieces, whether it’s party or daily clothing, jewels and shoes. They have two shops, one in Mitte with a bold selection and one in Prenzlauer Berg, a bit less extravagant but still with excellent choice.

Linienstrasse 204-205 – 10437 Berlin – Mitte
Stargarder Str. 12A, 10437 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Open Mon – Sat: 12h – 19h

Garments Mitte, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

Mankii (men+women)

Hippie chic style is what you will find in this small and cozy 2 floors boutique. They have a seducing mix of unique pieces from everywhere (vintage kimono, folk crochet ponchos, colorful 70’s dresses) and some timeless must-haves (luxury bags, leather boots, Levi’s jackets, silk scarves), a lot of accessories and especially a refined belts selection. Part of the items are customized by the owner.

Gormannstrasse 16 – 10119 Berlin – Mitte

Open Mon – Thur: 12:30h – 19h / Fri & Sat: 12h – 19pm

Mankii, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

The Golden Circus Pop-Up Store (women)

This pop-up boutique is only open until the end of July 2016 so you need to head over soon to get your hands on their pristine vintage collection. Follow Sonia and all her finds: shiny vintage kimonos and rare world vintage.

Rosenthalerstrasse 66, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open until July 31, 2016, Mon-Sat 12-19h

The Golden Circus, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

AURA (women/men)

Talking about world vintage you can also find a lot of luxurious Japanese vintage kimonos from several decades starting in the Golden Twenties at the lovely Aura in Neukölln.

Sanderstraße 13, Berlin 12047

Open Tue-Fri  14h – 20h, Sat 13h – 19h

AURA, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

* * *

Trendy 2nd Hand

Dude (men)

Dude creates a gentleman atmosphere for their customers, whether you’re a dude with classic or eccentric taste. Suits, jumpers, leather jackets, shirts and coats from many high end brands such as Mood of Norway, Junk de Luxe, Drykorn or even Yves Saint Laurent or Galliano. The greatest quality at Dude is the huge selection of luxury shoes, some almost new that you can buy for around 150€. Dude is a 2nd hand shop with a stylish selection only for men. It’s classy (and therefore not cheap), it’s sexy, go for it guys!

Greifswalder Straße 202 – 10405 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Open Mon – Fri: 13h – 19h – Sat: 11h – 18h – Closed on Wednesday

photo: Dude

Soeur (men/women)

It’s probably the stairs covered by highly attractive shoes that will lure you into Soeur and you won’t leave it for a while and certainly not with empty hands. Their selection includes brands such as Maje, Sandro, Comptoir des Cotonniers, APC, Isabel Marant and more but very French oriented.

Marienburger Str. 24 – 10405 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg

Open: Mon – Sat: 11h – 19h

Soeur, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

* * *

Bohemian Hipstery

Sing Blackbird (women+men)

A nice selection of 2nd hand and vintage always right in the trend. Interesting especially for big cozy coats and wool pullovers for Winter because the prices are ok. But you can always find something or at least enjoy a organic smoothie or a piece of cake in their cafe.

Sanderstraße 11, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln

Open everyday 13h – 19h

photo: Sing Blackbird

Rag & Bone Man (women)

Vintage, flowers, macrame, poems, music and perfect breakfast… Sounds like a dream? It’s not, you can find all this at this place, a vintage shop (focused on 70’s to 90’s) but first a collaborative space, with the owner Maggie, floral designer Wildflower and many many other talented friends.

Briesestr. 9, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

Open Tue 9h – 18h, Wed-Fri 9h – 19h,  Sat/Sun 10h – 18h

photo: Rag & Bone Man

* * *

Less is More

Sometimes Coloured (women+men)

Here is a pertinent and clear selection of 2nd hand from contemporary labels, high street as well as couture. You don’t need to dig to find timeless garments and easy to wear shades. There’s a constant turnover so go often.

Grünberger Str. 90 – 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Open Mon – Sat: 12h – 19h

Sometimes Coloured, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

Chrome Store (women+men)

The Chrome Store offers bright, clear and also efficient vintage. Trendy, high end, structured and sportswear touch. Also some hot Berlin based designers that you won’t find anywhere else.

Lenaustrasse 10 – 12047 Berlin – Neukölln

Open: Mon – Fri: 1h – 20h – Sat: 11h – 19h

Chrome Store, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

* * *

Underworld Vintage Only

Dress Code (men+women)

Just stop to dive into Nadja’s world. A world of warm energy, passionate work, fine selected and super clean garments. One of the largest collections in Berlin where everything is hand-picked. She even works on some pieces when she can to adjust shape or give a little modern twist.

Nostitzstraße 25 – 10961 Berlin – Kreuzberg

Open: Mon – Sat: 12h – 19h, Closed on Wednesdays

Dress Code, photo: Dress Me Guide Me

Bonnie & Kleid

Like a bird jumping into a bush to find the right twig you’ll jump into Bonnie & Kleid’s underground maze to find the right but weird party dress, the right scarf, hat, jeans or jewels. A place where we like to loose our time.

Gneisenaustraße 9, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Open: Mon – Sat: 12h – 20h

* * *

90’s Vintage Galore

The shop owners of the following place totally fell in love with 90’s fashion and want to share it with you. Let them Eat Cake and Oh Mini I am both are at the same address and  run by two girls from the North who regularly bring some vintage from their countries, a lot of denims and accessories.

Let them Eat Cake / Oh Mini I am (women+men) – Weserstraße 164, 12045 Berlin – Neukölln

Open Mon – Sat: 13h – 19h

photo: Let them Eat Cake

Cheap(er) Luxury

You see this string of unaffordable designer shops on Kudamm? Cartier, Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Gucci, Prada… Well you can find the clothes a lot cheaper in the street right behind. Even people who can afford it resell at some point, the stores like to call it “second season”. Go to Mommsenstraße in Charlottenburg. If you like more avant-garde type of brands like Margiela, Raf Simons, Helmuth Lang, Bernhard Willhelm and the likes you should check out Das Neue Schwarz at Mulackstraße in Mitte.

Secondo – Mommsenstrasse 61 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open Mon – Fri: 12h – 18h30 – Sat: 12h – 15h30

Madonna – Mommsenstr. 57 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open Mon-Fri: 12h – 19h – Sat: 12h -16h – Closed on Wednesdays

Macy’z – Mommsenstraße 2, 10629 Berlin-Charlottenburg

Open Mon-Fri 12h – 19h, Sat 12h – 16h

Das Neue Schwarz – Mulackstraße 38, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

Open Mon-Sat 12h – 20h

Das Neue Schwarz, photo: iHeartBerlin

And what are your favorite vintage, 2nd hand and thrift stores in Berlin? Let us know in the comments below!

Text: Emilie Trochu

* * *

Emilie Trochu is a lover of vintage and 2nd hand fashion, but also of sustainable fashion labels. To follow her passion she started her own independent project Dress Me Guide Me which is a comprehensive online archive of the best fashion shops in Berlin with a special focus on vintage and second hand, sustainable and fairtrade fashion, and stores with smaller, affordable brands. For iHeartBerlin she curated a guide with the most awesome vintage shops in Berlin. Follow her own project on Facebook and on her website.

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