We love creative maps of Berlin which we have featured multiple times already here and here. What we like so much about it, is how it portraits the city as much more as its streets, rivers and canals. It paints the city with its iconic buildings and places in a playful way and with this you get much more of a feeling for it than with a plain map.

Today we received yet another amazing map of the city by one of our readers. The B Map by graphic designer VOJD might be more abstract and decorative than accurate, but with the colorful illustrations of iconic buildings and little details it beautifully incorporates the lively spirit and versatility of Berlin. Due to the strong colors and patterns you might have to take another look to recognize some of the buildings, but they are positioned roughly where they belong on a real map which helps you identify them. But now have a closer look at the map and its glorious details and find out how to order a delightfully beautiful print!

Prints of the beautiful map in a deluxe neon/gold/cyan/black print in A1 size are available here for only 15 EUR.

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on May 3rd, 2016
updated on August 2nd, 2016
in Art