Berlin Thrills: The Escape Games of Berlin

Darkness, silence, a locked-up room – no solution, no escape…

What sounds like a horror movie at first is the opposite of it and in fact really great fun. We’re talking about a more or less new trend that has arrived in Berlin a few years ago and is now becoming increasingly diverse. In so-called Live Escape Games you voluntarily let yourself and your friends or colleagues include in a complex of rooms and have to find a way out of the premises before the predetermined time runs out. The aim is to work together, to solve tricky puzzles and to pay enough attention to even the smallest details because they could lead you to the right solution. Each game includes a detailed story and there are many – you can take on the role of thieves and steal an exhibition object, escape from a bunker or convict a murderer.

After the jump you can get a glimpse of the game procedure.

Escape Berlin

A new escape game we can recommend is Escape Berlin. The games descriptions and the stories sound super exciting: Search for the missing Sherlock Holmes, “survive” in a horror scenario that will play with your biggest fears, or take a trip to the Big Bang WG where you can slip into different tv show parodies and become the biggest comic fan in the world.

We had the chance to look more closely at another game at Escape Berlin called “The Liquor Store”.

At the beginning we got an exciting introduction to the story: Imagine you are in the near future, but the world looks quite different. There were some huge changes in our law: Fun and games are forbidden for everyone! What can you do in such an unfortunate scenario? Forget everything else around you and have a few drops of some noble alcohol. And there was one drink in particular that caught our attention: the world’s famous “Berliner Tropfen”. We definitely wanted to have the recipe and so we broke into the city’s most famous liquor store. Let’s go!

The shop and the interior of the room has been rebuilt exactly like an old liquor store. The room is carefully furnished with a lot of attention to detail and there are glass vessels filled with some alcoholic delicacies.

The special feature of this game is that it is the first life escape game that includes alcohol, and drinking is explicitly desired. (Of course, one can also drink clear water instead.) For us there were whiskey and vodka shots. The puzzles are tricky, but when you come closer to the solution you will always be amazed. Because of some completely unexpected surprises, that will enrich this party game, it will definitely not be boring even for a second.

Squiffy and happy, we found the recipe – can you make it, too?

Escape Berlin, Storkower Str. 140, 10409 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

* * *


I was able to visit Claustrophobia with my friends which you can find in the upper floors of Alexa at Alexanderplatz. My friends and I decided to take on the role of thieves and snatch a „valuable“ exhibit from the “Museum of Modern Art”. At first we got an introduction to the background of the story. We also talked about the safety rules – although the name Claustrophobia first can seem daunting for someone with claustrophobia, let me say that you can really feel comfortable in the rooms. They are not too small, not cramped and you can always push the red buttons and quit the room immediately. In addition, you will be continuously accompanied by the game instructors who always have an eye on you looking through a camera – they are also there to help you, if you are stuck in the game – what shamefully quite often happened to us. But anyway you are so packed from the first minute of the game that you actually cannot think of anything else.

The exact course of the game I can not tell you, but we laughed a lot, were really curious and excited and rejoiced like little children once we had a solution and could move on to the next task. We all got to know each other from a completely different angle which really surprised us. You won the game when you manage to complete the task before you time runs out and we can proudly say that we have fulfilled that.

You can visit Claustrophobia every day from 10-24h, it is designed for 2-4 people, there are 3 different games to choose from and prices range from 18-40 Euro per person, depending on what time you want to go.

Claustrophobia, Shopping Center ALEXA, 3. OG, Grunerstr. 20, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Do you know any other escape games in Berlin that you can recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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