The Most Romantic Places of Berlin

photo: berlijnblog

Berlin is certainly not Paris. It’s not known for being a city of love, maybe more for short-lived adventures? But regardless of Berlin’s rough nature, it does have an utterly romantic core. Something that you will only discover when you take the time to get to know it, and look underneath all it’s layers.

Beside the obvious places such as techno clubs, hipster cafes, co-working spaces, and cheap tourist attractions Berlin has a couple of truly unique places that a particular charm that I would describe as traditionally romantic. Imagine greek columns entwined by ivy, boot rides in fairytale-like forests, hidden rose gardens and bridges leading to palaces. It’s the stuff of Disney movies and Berlin has these kind of places too! Maybe you know some of them, but didn’t pay attention to recognize their true beauty. Or maybe you have never heard of them. Either way we would advise you to seek them out, maybe on your next date, maybe on your next family visit, or maybe by yourself with a good book. Enjoy our selection of the most romantic places of Berlin masterfully captured by some of our favorite Instagrammers (and myself).

The Bridge at Schloss Charlottenburg

This might be the most kitschy scenario in all of Berlin. A cute little bridge leading over the pond with the castle in the background. If this picture doesn’t strike your romantic muscles, nothing will!

photo: loewe7

Bürgerpark Pankow

This park and it’s lovely columns is one of the lesser known places of Berlin due to its slightly off-center location. But indeed it’s worth the trip to Pankow because a walk in this park can be quite picturesque.

photo: maryloo_berlin

The Waterfall

Berlin has a waterfall, did you know? It’s actually an artificial one so technically it’s just a gigantic water feature. But it does look nice how the water comes down the stones from the actual “Kreuz” mountain in Kreuzberg.

photo: uwa2000

The Hidden Rosegarden

This is another one that is slightly unknown: The hidden rose garden inside the Humboldthain park. You can see it clearly from the foot of the flak tower. You’ll find the entrance when you walk along the trail on the side of the park facing the railway tracks. It’s magnificent!

photo: berlijnblog


For the longest time the fairytale fountain at Volkspark Friedrichshain was a bit rough, no water and missing all of its fairytale statues. But since they got renovated and water is flowing again the place is back to it’s old charm. It’s actually a part of a larger garden area that stretches beyond the actual fountain.

photo: aggisnaps

The Tropical Grow House

The Tropenhaus of the Botanical Garden of Berlin is full of exotic plants and one of the grow houses is full of cacti. It makes you feel like you are in a completely different part of the world.

photo: skwii


The Museum Island might be one of the main tourist attractions, but it received this status for a reason. The magnificent buildings of the museums, the paths lined with columns, the bridges, the statues. All of this combined make a remarkable atmosphere in the right time of the day and with the right light.

photo: max10557

Cafe am Neuen See

The little lake called “Neuer See” at the cafe of the same name is a perfectly romantic place to have a boat ride for two in one of these cute little boats. You can rent them through the cafe and take off for a couple of hours.

photo: raedcaml

Clärchens Ballhaus

There is something about this one old forgotten lot in the modern Auguststraße in Mitte. It’s missing its front house which made space for an enchanting beer garden. The back house hosts a ball room for dance nights and upstairs there is an antique mirrored ball room for special events, concerts and dinners. A one-of-a-kind type of place in Berlin.

claerchensballhaus1_by_iheartberlin (640x427)

photo: Frank


Last but not least one of my favorite parks in Berlin. Embedded into a quite urban kind of residential area in Neukölln it’s possibly the most unexpected sight in this neighborhood. Lowered down a few meters below street level, equipped with fountains, flower bushes, a gallery and cafe it’s the perfect little resort right in the middle of the city.

Koernerpark 1

photo: Frank

And what are your favorite romantic places in Berlin? Let us know in the comments below. Bit shout-out to the talented Instagrammers who captured these places so beautifully and who inspired me to write this post. Follow them for more amazing photos of Berlin by clicking on the links below each of the photos.

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