Quà Phê: A Little Piece of Vietnam in Berlin

photo: I Heart Alice

Today I want to tell you about one of my favorite cafés that I visit on a permanent basis. Quà Phê in Max-Beer-Strasse in Mitte has opened its doors for the first time not too long ago and was from the beginning on something very special for me. Here you don’t only get delicious cappuccinos with cute mild foam drawings but also many different Vietnamese dishes and they’re all very special.

The café is located on a small side street near to the Schendelpark, more precisely near the Alte Schönhauser Straße. You can sit inside and outside, which is particularly pleasant at this quiet side street. The interior is beautifully decorated and authentic. Between old fans and ancient rusty gates there are long rustic wooden benches and small seating areas, where you can make yourself a comfortable place.

After the jump you can read more about the food in Quà Phê.

Quà Phê is a self-service restaurant, with a great atmosphere and wonderfully nice and attentive service. One feels as if you were at your Vietnamese grandmothers home and she is cooking and caring for you. Even with a sore throat I visit this place to get my portion of rice noodle soup with chicken – which seems to me is causing miracles.

In Quà Phê I ate for the first time homemade rice crêpes that are totally different from the usual Crepês. You can order them with beef and Vietnamese BBQ Sauce or the vegetarian way with tofu and a herb-soy sauce. Furthermore, there are different salads like the Beef Jerkey or a glass noodle salad with baby aubergine, yummy soups, a variety of Banh Baos, rice dishes like the rice pyramid and many more. A diverse selection of teas in cute glass jugs and homemade sodas are also available. I highly recommend the Drip Coffee – very slowly the coffee drips through the metal filter and can be enjoyed hot or cold – and is best enjoyed with Vietnamese condensed milk. For dessert there are Banh Baoss filled with chocolate or a mixture of mung beans in coconut cream, tapioca and taro.

I think you’ve already noticed I am quite excited about this place – Quà Phê is very unique and stands out in Berlin. I hope you like it as much as I do. Our blogger colleague Alice from I Heart Alice is a big fan just like us!

Quà Phê, Max-Beer-Straße 37, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

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