Barbara. at Boxi – Streetart Notes Against Racism

I have to start this article with saying that I was super excited today. A friend wrote me on Facebook saying that my favorite street art poet Barbara. created a little exhibition of over 100 of her street art pieces exactly at my doorstep, at Boxhagener Platz. Since I have been living in Friedrichshain for 12 years it never happened that something that I am passionate about happens so close to my home. Just for this I am deeply grateful to Barbara.

For all of you who do not know Barbara., her exhibition “Das Kleben is schön” is the perfect occasion to get to know her funny, sad, poetic art that interferes with public places on a different level that you might know from traditional street art. The impact of Barbara.‘s work is not limited to the urban spaces where her little notes and jokes might disappear after a short while. Her fame began when her art went viral on the internet. Last year the refugees crisis and the neo-right-wing movement in Europe created a lot of controversy which made me really sad on a personal level.  But seeing the little art pieces of Barbara. shared by thousands everyday on Facebook and on Instagram always made me believe in a world where there will always be people opposing a narrow minded and racist society.

If any one should get a price for keeping the morals high in the last year of political change it should be Barbara. Her smart criticism and wit always embrace humor and lightness, but at the same time they point the finger directly where the shit is stinking. Don’t miss the exhibition that is hanging around Boxhagener Platz since yesterday. So far I everybody I saw was  very respectful with the notes hanging around the square, not taking down anything. But let’s not be too optimistic. It’s Berlin in the end right? If you can’t come by you can check out my best of in the pictures after the jump.


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